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Avaaz Uses Their Voice To Resolve Conflicts And Provide Help Where It Is Most Needed

Avaaz is an amazing organization that has been responsible for making positive changes in everything from climate change to supplying desperately needed assistance to refuges to fighting for the right of the world to use the internet without censorship. Considering their multitude of accomplishments it is difficult to believe they have only been around for five years. Their dedication and hard work has elevated them to the most powerful activist network.

The meaning of the word Avaaz is voice and it is incredibly well suited because this is what Avaaz does. When injustices such as corruption, poverty, and religious freedom occur Avaaz members use their voice. The members organize into an incredibly strong force and use the weapons of petitions, media campaigns, emails, phone calls, and protests until justice becomes the outcome. Avaaz is there to fight for the people of the world to ensure their values are acknowledged and their needs are met.

The staff of Avaaz gives their members the right to decide what campaigns are important to them and never uses their own agenda. The voices of their members are heard which explains why the most successful campaigns they have ever undertaken originated as a suggestion from their members. Avaaz believe a better world is impossible without communication. Avaaz is the lightning that triggers the storm that washes the world clean.

The members of Avaaz adhere to the belief human beings must always come first. They feel we must acknowledge the responsibilities we have not just to one another but to the planet and the future generations. Every issue that is resolved brings the world one step closer to being the world people desire. So Avaaz never stops, they simply fight one battle at a time and are always there when people need them the most. They have earned their reputation for all the contributions they have made to the world.

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