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The Colossal Force of NuoDB in Cloud Technology

The cloud database that offers the high protection, security and storage today seems to come from the products that NuoDB provides. Indeed, as the company motto states, NuoDB is consistent in providing the high cloud database offers in the market right now.


With the stunning features that the software of NuoDB creates, it’s not hard to imagine why the company is a driving force in the cloud database market today. It is the company that will keep you and your business growing, and it has the corporate track as proof of how it delivers.


Every business has to adapt to the new changes in the market. NuoDB is the company that can also help you make sure that your business adapts to the modern times, enables its system to adjust to the demands of the industry and makes sure you do this in the most cost friendly way possible.


With the vision of its innovative founder and database architect, Jim Starkey, NuoDB was established in 2015 with his partner Barry Morris, an enterprise software expert, to help all the consumers adapt to the database technology available that solves multiple problems in their business. With NuoDB’s state of the art updates on cloud database technology, all the consumers can now meet the demand of the world’s big data challenges.

Contribution of Highland Capital Management, L.P. in Promoting Alternative Investment

Highland Capital Management, L.P. is an investment adviser company in the United States. Highland Capital Management, L.P. is registered and recognized by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) which is a federal agency. It is based in Dallas, Texas but with offices in New York, Singapore London, and Seoul. Currently, it manages investments worth more than $17 billion. It prides itself as one of the largest alternative investment managers in the world. Highland Capital was started by Mark Okada and James Dondero in 1993. Some of the credit strategies implemented by Highland Capital include special and distressed situation private equity, collateralized loan obligations, credit hedge funds separate accounts and long only funds. Under the alternative investments, the company engages in short and long equities, emerging markets and natural resources. Highland Capital attracts investments request from all manner of business organizations and clients. They include corporations, public pension plans, financial institutions, governments and the filthy rich individuals.

Highland Capital not only engages in high stake financial cases, they as well engage in community work. They invest in the community around the areas they have work stations. For instance, workers of Highland Capital help the members of the community they live in with advice on investments, volunteerism, and financial donations. This applies to both nonprofit organizations and local community organizations. Since its inception, it has spent millions of dollars in such activities meant to help the less privileged in the society.

One investment adviser at Highland Capital who have pushed the group to new heights is Michael Gregory. He is the chief investment officer of the group alternative investors. His work is to oversee the small-cap stock fund. Under his tenure, the equity fund almost tripled the returns of S&P 500 Index in 2016. Gregory attributes their credit competency since its inception as the reason they are ahead of competitors. In 2016 they made a lucrative investment deal in the pipeline sector when prices of oil dropped. By the end of the year, that deal contributed the biggest returns to the group. Gregory explains that other areas they are investing and will look to invest more in future are in real estate, health care, and energy sectors.

Innovation for a Safer Society from Securus Technologies

Public safety and security are becoming more and more important these days. With a growing amount of cyber threats and advancement of technology, people are more interested in companies that work for the good guys. Solving crime and crime prevention is another aspect where technology can be beneficial. Companies operating in this sector research and develop solutions that help improve public safety. Introducing modern technology in correctional facilities one of the ways to do that.



Securus Technologies is one such company. They have more than 25 years of experience working with prisons, connecting inmates to family and friends. This helps with crime prevention since it also offers inmates access to education and legal assistance when necessary.



The company started work in 1986 and worked with several other companies on the first technology solutions for security and crime prevention. They created Securus Video Visitation system which allows family members and friends as well as lawyers to create video conversations and conference calls. It allows people to connect and keep in touch, improving the chances of inmates not returning to prison after their release date. It also helps with decreasing violent activities happening within the jail walls.



The response so far is positive, and the customers showed their appreciation with positive feedback. The technology helped to secure search warrants in several separate cases because of the monitored call system. It also allowed the staff to find out about inmates using drugs and alcohol as well as selling these substances. The software is also useful when searching for stolen or missing property or gang violence, as people are not always aware of how much can be picked up from a conversation in the background.



Securus Technologies dedicate time, effort and money to make sure that prisons become safer spaces for the staff and inmates alike since it is not the most fruitful of environments and a lack of socialising does not help.



Cancer Treatment Centers of America Examined:

Cancer is something that should be taken seriously. When a Cancer diagnosis is made it can have a very severe psychological impact as well as physical impact on the patient. Therefore, a patient who has been diagnosed with Cancer must receive the best possible treatment and care available.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has a staff of trained professionals that are available to help the patient through their Cancer ordeal. Cancer Treatment Centers of America has an eastern Regional Medical Center located in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. In addition, there are also centers located in Atlanta, Tulsa, Phoenix and Chicago.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America are able to treat a variety of Cancers such as Brain, Bladder, Cervical, Ovarian, Pancreatic, Skin, Thyroid, Uterine and much more. The Cancer Treatment Center believes in treating cancer with state of the art technologies as well as effective treatment options. Each patient is assigned a medical care team who will help the patient through their difficult Cancer journey.

Advanced treatment options such Immunotherapy are now available. Therapy of this kind can be quite effective depending upon the type of Cancer being treated. Immunotherapy targets a specific Cancer with the goal of isolating the Cancer and hopefully preventing it from invading other healthy tissue and organs.

Cancer Treatment Center of America use several treatment options including surgery, chemo-therapy and radiation. In addition, the center now uses genomic testing in order to pinpoint the origin of the Cancer and hopefully offer more effective and aggressive treatment options.

The center provides strong emotional support for patients. A team of skilled and caring professionals will provide strong emotional support for Cancer patients. Receiving emotional support during a time such as this can made a big difference for patients battling Cancer.

Finally, Cancer Treatment Centers of America are open 24/7. The web site can be viewed at On line videos have been added to the company web site. You may contact the center any time of the night or day for additional information or to set up an initial appointment.

Lime Crime Product Line: What’s New?

The loyal followers of the Lime Crime company will be pleased to know that it’s finally time for the launch of a highly-anticipated and entirely-new product line.

That’s right, get ready for some serious hair coloring action.

Lime Crime has released eight new shades of outrageously awesome semi-permanent hair dye designed to make your hair stand out. This product line has taken over three years to produce, and is called “Unicorn Hair.” Yes, you read that right. Unicorn Hair. Is that not one of the most amazing things you have heard all day? We think it is.

These dyes are designed to be ferociously colorful when applied and then fade gracefully. This means they never leave their users with a bad hair day. This subtle and lovely fade effect was one of the things that users loved so much about the previous line of dyes Lime Crime put out.

The names of these new dyes are Cloud (a gorgeous light blue color), Moonchild (a pastel and sweet lavender), Kawaii (a bright and eye-catching pastel violet tone), Mint Ice (a tint that offers a very unique and subtle frosty tone), Tweet (a clear and vibrant shade of bright yellow), Valentine (a deep full-coverage crimson red), Bubblegum Rose (a pink full-coverage shade of awesome), and Aesthetic (a gorgeous shade of mauve that could be worn anywhere.) These dyes are some of the highest quality semi-permanent dyes available on the market today. There is a reason the product line was three years in the making! These lively and original hair colors are sure to become a consumer favorite. You might even say, they’re to dye for. Yes, pun intended. We are excited ok!?

You can purchase the new Unicorn Hair product line online, at You can also follow the company on social media and on twitter at @LimeCrime.

Highland Capital Management to invest $147 million in Health Care in Asia

Highland Capital Management has closed a $147 million private equity which will be invested in various healthcare schemes in Asia. Through its Korean affiliate, Highland Capital Management Korea Ltd., the company has brought on board investors with specific objectives to be achieved within the healthcare spectrum while working towards a handsome investment return.
Among the principal investors is the National Pension Service (NPS) in South Korea, an institution estimated to be worth $499.8 billion or KRW 565 trillion. Investors in the Highland fund will also have a chance to invest in emerging healthcare opportunities in China, Korea, and the United States.
Although Highland Capital has developed various healthcare investment schemes, this is its first private-fund in Asia.There has been an increased interest by investors all over Asia over the last two years.
Carl Moore, the Managing Director and Co-head of Highland’s private equity said that the equity-fund is well aligned with the Highland Capital’s capabilities and the firm will use its long –term expertise in the healthcare sector to deliver.
With an investment of more than $1.5 billion in healthcare property under its management, Highland Capital boasts of a multifaceted investment strategy that has helped in the consolidation of funds to be spread in various investment plans.
Matt Jameson, managing director and co-head of private equity at Highland Capital Management, pointed to the more complex consumer and government demands in the healthcare sector as drivers that require alternative approaches to healthcare investment.
Diversification in investment plans is one of the strategies that have kept Highland Capital afloat in various markets and across a wide range of fields. The company has lately given a key interest to investments in health care. The company reports that nine specialists and analysts sit at its health care management team, helping to monitor the movement of over 400 stocks in medical technology, pharmaceuticals/biotechnology, life science tools and healthcare services.
The global approach that Highland Capital has given to its investment strategy is likely to steer it ahead of industry players. Asia’s growing population, a rising economy as well as changing political and social-economic spheres makes it a highly potential frontier.

Revolution of National Steel Car by Gregory Aziz

Gregory James Aziz is the CEO, President, and Chairman of National Steel Car Company. The company is one of the leading freight railroad manufacturing and engineering enterprise. It is located in Hamilton, Ontario. James Aziz was born in 1949. He was born in London, Ontario. He went to Ridley College. He majored in Economics at Western Ontario University.

Greg Aziz joined his family business of wholesale food in 1971. The business became a worldwide importer of fresh food from Central and South America. They also imported fresh food from Europe. It was the major distributor of fresh foods across the United States. Greg works in several financial banking institutions in New York today.

Gregory J Aziz purchased the National Steel Car Company in 1994. He purchased the company from Dofasco. His primary goal was to transform the company to become the leading firm in the United States. Greg emphasized on strong manufacturing capabilities, team building, capital, and human investment. Greg expanded and boosted the company from 3500 cars during the time of purchase to 12,000 cars in 1999. The employment rate rose from 600 to 3000 staff members.

National Steel Car Company is the leading enterprise in new car innovation. It aims at building thousands of freight railroad cars each year. The company was certified in North America in 2008. It has held this honor for 18 years. The company has been consistently acknowledged because it has a high production of automobiles.

Gregory Aziz and his wife are the primary sponsors of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. This agricultural fair is prominent in Canada. National Steel Car Enterprise is committed to Hamilton Community as a whole. The company has sponsored Hamilton Opera, Theatre Aquarius, United Way, and many other local charitable organizations. Many employees and their families attend the National Steel Car Chrisman party every year.

Gregory James Aziz has developed five production lines in the company. He has invested about $350 million in the last 15 years. The money was used in plant automation and advancing the manufacturing and engineering technologies. Greg aims at breaking the inefficiency of rails that carry grains in the western hemisphere. He has advanced technology in the region by providing an efficient way of transporting the produce. Greg has boosted the company to a great extent with the help of the professional staff members. He is a role model to many people in the community.



It is said that success is not for the faint hearted. Before you achieve it, you have to fall several times and this is the test that determines whether you finally succeed. For a successful entrepreneur like Marc Sparks, success only comes after several failures without losing enthusiasm. The failures you come across on your journey ground you to be a better entrepreneur but should not discourage you from pursuing your dream.

Marc Sparks is the founder and CEO of Timber Creek Capital in addition to being a serial entrepreneur. The story of success is full of motivation and inspiration to other entrepreneurs since he knows it all when it comes to the challenges entrepreneurs go through before they are fully established. Marc, therefore, has the heart and desire to see other entrepreneurs become successful and see small businesses turn into successful companies.
Therefore, Marc has had his Timber Creek Capital LP office designed in a way such that they are able to accommodate three different companies and provide them with an extensive incubation period. They provide the companies with a conducive environment that are necessary for success by being surrounded by other successful entrepreneurs. Marc states that the environment and neighborhood really matter for any business and determines its success or failure. Learn more:
Marc who was a C student and only acquired a college diploma recounts what his journey to success has been like in his book “They Can’t Eat You”. He has seen success and failures in equal measures. With his 35 years experience in entrepreneurship, Mark mentors various companies and provides them with resources such as office space, capital, and marketing strategies, accounting, networking and customer service expertise among others. He is well versant with every stage of a business which is why his company takes up the role to nurture entrepreneurs and help them get their ideas transformed into successful business ventures. They support the entrepreneurs from stage one of the businesses to its fruition.
To be a successful entrepreneur, Marc points out that one has to offer unique products in order to standout competitors. He also advises on being focused, persistent, having faith in God and having a sense of urgency which he sites out as some of the qualities that have seen him succeed.
Apart from being a successful entrepreneur and mentoring other entrepreneurs, Marc Sparks is also a believer in giving back to the society. Marc has donated to Habitat for Humanity by constructing housing facilities, The Samaritan Inn in Texas that houses people who need somewhere to spend a night and also donating laptops to of the American Can! Academy.

The Siege Warfare Machine Trabuco Continues To Be One Of History’s Most Popular

The Trabuco has been one of history’s best known and most effective siege warfare machine since it was invented in China in 400 BC. The Trabuco came into its own in terms of effectiveness when it was brought to Europe in the Middle Ages, around 600 AD and became one of the most effective siege options as a form of long-range catapult; over the course of the life of the Trabuco it has undergone a series of changes and improvements, including the adaptation of the sling containing a projectile from a cloth type material into a wooden bucket style holder.

The use of the Trabuco became popular with armies during the siege of a town when the use of a machine capable of throwing rocks, weapons and diseased carcasses into n isolated castle or town was identified with this machine. The Trabuco could throw a rock or other material around 800 metres with the length of the lever used with this machine adapted to ensure the velocity of the item being thrown was hurled as fast and ferociously as possible; in general, between 15 and 45 men from any town or armed force looking to attack or defend a city were given the task of operating the Trabuco during any siege according to

Many historical records on can be found referring to the use of the Trabuco during a range of siege situations that detail the use of ropes to operate this machine that also became known as the Blunderbuss. Seige warfare became an integral part of regular wars taking place in Europe during the Middle Ages, a period seeing a great deal of innovation in terms of the Trabuco including the development of different sizes of the machine capable of throwing stones of up to one ton. One of the ironies of the use of the Trabuco is the fact another Chinese innovation, gunpowder, saw the need for the machine no longer required as it lost its usefulness around the 13th-century.

Learn more about Trabuco:

The Way End Citizens United is changing the Political Field

According to Mother Jones blog post, James Bopp was laughed out of court in the year 2008. The lawyer from Terre Haute, Indiana had appeared before a three judge panel in Washington to argue that End Citizen United should be granted the permission to air Hillary: The Movie, as the Democratic presidential primaries were on going. The aim of Citizens United, as they were producing the film, was to show that Hillary Clinton was a European socialist. The movie featured Ann Coulter and Kathleen Willey. Citizens United has been banned from airing the film by the Federal Election Commission. They claimed that the movie was just a 90-minute campaign that did not show the one who had paid for it.

Two years later, the Supreme Court reversed the ruling that has been given by Lamberth, and no one was laughing anymore. The Supreme Court used most of the arguments that James Bopp had given. This led to the wiping out of about 100 years of finance law campaign that was a precedent. The court ruled that the First Amendment rights of corporations were the same as that of the average voter. Reformers now see that Bopp is using his clients to broaden those loopholes that usually benefit the wealthy corporations and their political allies. His clients are small organizations that are driven by a mission.

End Citizens United had collected more than 4 million dollars in the first three months of 2017. The body sees that it will be able to raise a total of 35 million dollars before the Congressional midterm elections that happen in 2018. This would be a significant increase from the amount that PAC was able to collect in the elections that occurred in 2016.

In the first quarter of the year 2017, around 10 thousand individuals had given some contributions to PAC. Out of that, 40 thousand were making this contribution for the first time. This is the information that Tiffany Muller, the president and executive director of PAC, gave. The leaders of PAC say that their primary aim to ensure that the people who are elected to congress are reform champions for Campaign Finance.

In the recent past, the political action committee has asked the contributors to donate five hundred thousand dollars to the campaign of Jon Ossoff for congress. This was the first time for Ossoff to be a political candidate. He shocked the organization by raising more than four million dollars for the special election where he was to fill a Republican House seat that was vacant.

End Citizens United works like the traditional PAC. The organization cannot accept to get more than 5 thousand dollars as a donation just from one individual. In 2016 the fundraising they had was able to take it to the top ranks of the groups, spending in the elections, which are Democratic-aligned.