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How Oncotarget is Changing The Medical Scene

In the laboratory, Stem Cell Cancer and Aging try to approach the study of cancer and diseases associated with aging with the support of stem cell technology, it is best to have a database that is readily accessible to any immediate knowledge from everywhere. Not surprisingly, Oncotarget is able to give those in need of research and references, a good look into processes that have common mechanisms and databases to their own work.In recent years it has become particularly relevant that the medical world is ever-changing, and rapidly. Those with involvement of the medical field, whether it be cells with characteristics of pluripotency and self-renewal (ie, stem cells) or the both the origin and maintenance of cancer, as in the physiological decline associated with age, you will be able to type in a few words on our database, and get all the information that your studies require.

Oncotarget is a community of those that study the regulation of key aspects of the biology of these cells we focus on in genes that determine the fundamental characteristics of these cells. That means that even those who’re further along in the field will be right along with you altering the expression of these genes, so that we can analyze the contribution of these stem cells together in cancer and aging, while sharing details on our findings. Oncotarget represents an advanced integrated workshop, with both our basic understanding of both processes, and potential therapeutic avenues in mind.

In addition, every laboratory is constantly getting used to new technology cancer that doesn’t always allow for a certain procedure that was once available within medical culture, to return to being the prominent process that it once was. It is imperative that you stay up to date within your studies and connect to others, so that you may help each other along the way.Receive from and also give to the differentiated databases, while you have have at your disposal a tool with enormous possibilities. It is what is known as a beacon online, for those who keep their eye out for specific programs and leads to obtaining inclusive procedures.

How Omar Yunes Epic BFW Victory Made Global Footprint

Sushi Itto franchisee, Omar Yunes, chronicles an inspirational journey as a champion investor and food industry innovator. The powerhouse Mexican entrepreneur represents a collection of boutique Japanese food franchises. In Mexico, Yunes operates some 13 Sushi Itto-branded restaurants serving Veracruz, Mexico City, and Puebla. Having developed a particular interest in food cultures, Yunes ventured into the industry quite young. A career in franchise management always seemed tremendously tedious, but Yunes made it fun.

The global food industry icon has scooped several awards. In 2015, he was named BFW (Best Franchisee of the World). Yunes credited the victory to his industrious employees and executive team. The staging of the annual BFW competition attracts ambassadors from some 34 countries worldwide. Among participating countries are France, Portugal, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Hungary, Italy and more. Yunes won BFW Mexico and advanced to the global round. BFW Mexico organizer, Diego Elizarrarrás remarked on how Yunes networked and handled diplomacy as Sushi Itto franchisee.

The competition assesses franchisee expertise in the areas of innovation, branding, leadership, influence, and teamwork. Second place winner, Ivan Tamer of Prendamex had accompanied Yunes to Florence, Italy in representing Mexico during the global BFW competition. As ambassadors of the Mexican chapter, Yunes specialized in professionalization to complement Tamer’s intelligence of alternative systems.

Omar Yunes established his first Sushi Itto restaurant at 21. Since then, he’s expanded the Mexican chapter of Sushi Itto chain. In fact, he’s acquired a 10 percent share of the Sushi Itto empire. With award-winning franchise management skills, Yunes continues a game-changing initiative to refine food service culture globally. His diverse approach to franchise management has earned him global recognition after sweeping the BFW award in 2015. In becoming a well-experienced franchisee and food industry trendsetter, Yunes extends humble appraisals to his entire network.

While his leadership motivated success of the entire franchise network, he’s expressed gratification in having a committed workforce. With 15+ years of franchise management experience and entrepreneurial success, he’s inspiring next-generation investors. As the Boards of Ideas chairman, Yunes mentors, and share expert insights to help young aspiring investors. With his guidance, they’re developing impeccable disciplines that will serve them well in their future endeavors.

Investment In Honey Birdette Means Online And Physical Expansion

The expansion of the Honey Birdette brand is backed by investment company BBRC and the Australian based retail expert Brett Blundy who has worked closely with the brand to make sure each and every decision taken is of the best possible quality. In 2017, the brand has become one of the fastest growing in the world with a focus on the U.K. market following the opening of its first three stores, including a flagship store in London’s Covent Garden.

For Honey Birdette, the next step seems to be to explore other regions of the U.K. with a planned expansion from three stores in and around London to 13 in some of the best-known towns and cities in the country; the success achieved in London has prompted a rethink by the leaders of Honey Birdette as they are looking to expand the brand across the U.K. with plans to open the 37th store by the end of 2018.

One of the main goals for most retailers is to crack the U.S. market Honey Birdette has already made an impression within as an Online based brand. Honey Birdette’s growth Online reached the amazing level of 374 percent by the start of 2017 and led to the decision being made to develop a sales platform dedicated to U.S. customers to make the purchasing and returns process as easy as possible.

Honey Birdette was established in 2006 when founder Eloise Monaghan was shocked at the lack of female input in the sensuality industry in her home nation of Australia; as the creative head of the brand, Eloise Monaghan ensures all products are made to the exacting demands of her small, dedicated design team.

In Australia, Honey Birdette has proven a rapid success with more than 50 stores already open across the nation and over 300 employees already working for the brand across the home country of the brand.

The Early Musical Career of Cassio Audi

Cassio Audi was the founder of the musical group Viper Rock Band that included Pit Passarell, Felipe Machado, Andre Machado, and Yves Passarell. The Band was incepted in the year 1985 inspired by Iron Maiden coupled with the growing popularity of British metal music. Cassio Audi played the role of a drummer and his skills were recognized internationally.

The band released the first demo album called Soldiers of Sunrise, and some of the best songs on the album include Nightmare, Killers, and Princes from Hell released in the year 1987. The album was rated four stars by Allmusic where their talent was recognized. Music critics and fans, however, thought that the skills of the groups needed refinement and tuning. Considering that English is their second language, they were found to be talented and set for greater things. The album released in the year 1987 has been redone several times since the original debut, and the group released the second and a very successful album called Theatre of Fate.

Audi left the music industry in 1989, and immediately joined the University of Sao Paulo where he graduated with a degree in business administration and later received an MBA in Finance. He acquired several other skills like the real estate market development and became an advisor in matters involving the stock exchange.

Currently, he is working in the finance industry where he has managed to acquire relevant skills that include Financial Planning, Investor Relations, Team Leadership, Strategic Forecasting, and Cross-functional Team that helped him professionally. When being interviewed about the reason why he left the music industry to pursue a career in finance, he stated that it was his dedication and willingness to help other people. He has over the two decades being working in finance. He has several start-ups, global enterprises, private equity funds, and shares in private and public funds.

Playing Chess With Your NuoDB Service Provider

Have you ever played Chess before? You will already know that the goal is to checkmate the opponent’s king. There are two players, each one trying to outwit the other person. Think of the business of trying to find a good NuoDB service provider like the game of chess. Your goal is to get rid of the pawns and strike a deal with the King.
The deal you strike is known as the “checkmate”.

The Game of Chess

A number of your NuoDB service providers are going to try to out-maneuver you. Their job is to put up as many pawns in your way as they can. Their pawns are meant to sway you in one direction or another. Their goal is to get your off your beaten path.

Your job is to see through this and get to the King.

Your NuoDB service provider is going to play on your naivete. Their pawns will try to manipulate you. Every time you question something that does not feel right with your NuoDB service provider, you are getting rid of a pawn.

Those who have down their jobs properly are left with nothing but the King. The King has two options. He can give in and give you what you want because he needs your business. He can also be stubborn. When it comes to finding a good NuoDB service provider, your King needs to be the last one standing. He needs your business, not the other way around.

Strike a good deal with a fair and wise King, you will you have won the checkmate regarding cloud database.

Eric Lefkofsky’s Business Expertise

Eric Lefkofsky is a businessman. He has worked in the business industry since the beginning of his career and this has allowed him the chance to make sure that he is doing the best thing possible for the business that he is in. It has allowed him the chance to improve different industries for others.

Coming from humble beginnings in Michigan, Eric Lefkofsky knew what it was like to truly struggle with the different things that he had in his business. He wanted to make sure that he was doing a great job so that he would never have to go back to those humble beginnings. While he has always worked hard to get better at what he is doing, he never forgot where he came from and often makes sure that he is doing the right thing with the different options that he has available to him.

As the CEO of Groupon, Eric Lefkofsky knows that there is a lot of power in savings. The company is one that is ultra dedicated to savings and allows people the chance to get things for extreme discounts. It has done a lot for people and allowed them to sae a lot of money on special items and services. People who use Groupon aware of great savings that Eric Lefkofsky and the company have provided to them so that they will be able to save money on things that they really want to have or need to have.

While success is important to Eric Lefkofsky, giving back is even more important. This is something that he feels is the key to success and the only reason to get better at different things. Eric Lefkofsky often gives back to the communities that he is a part of and has been a part of. His humble Michigan community is often a benefactor when it comes to the things that are offered to people who are in different areas. Eric Lefkofsky knows that giving back is the key to getting better. He wants to see other people succeed able to have comfortable life.

While he has worked with many different businesses, Tempus is one of the first that he worked with. While he did not run the business like he does with many of his other companies, he did sit on the board of it and it gave him a chance to see what the health care industry is like. This is a company that has worked hard to make sure that they are doing with the business. He still sits on the board with Tempus because of the experience that it gives him and because of the way that things are done with Tempus.

Success is one of the biggest driving factors for Eric Lefkofsky. He wants to make sure that he is as successful as possible and this has given him the chance to make things better for the industry that he is a major part of. It has allowed him the chance to make things better and gives him the option to vastly improve the way that things work with the business that he is a part of. Eric Lefkofsky knows that success is a key part of his own life as well as the life of the businesses.

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Financial Guru leads booming fund to 230% gains citing ‘material over subscription’

Who is the person to see in Banking and Financial Services? James Dondero, President and Co Founder of Highland Capital Management. With over 30 years as a champion in credit and equity markets, Dondero is a pioneer in developing new ways to work in the financial spectrum.

Here’s an example. A Dallas affiliate of Highland Capital, NexPoint, just recently finished a rights offering for shares. The fund they were working with was doing extremely well, and it honed in on below investment grade debt and other equities. The total amount was $269 million to subscribe for more than 5.3 million of common shares from the fund. The original offering was surpassed by over 230%!

Citing “material over subscription,” Dondero, serving as portfolio manager concluded that they had the best decile performance because of continued investor support. Dondero was comparing performance over the last 5 years.

Nexpoint is a fund considered “closed end,” with $400 million which in turn generates 21 percent returns over the last year. But Dondero doesn’t just work with million dollar High Capital Management affiliates, he also donates millions to charities and nonprofits in the Dallas-metro area. He is committed to increasing and improving educational opportunities and has developed partnerships and donations throughout the Dallas Fort-Worth area.

One of Dondero’s many philanthropic endeavors has been The Family Place. He has also donated to the Dallas Zoo and developed SMU’s Highland Capital Management Tower Scholars Program. According to Dondero, Highland Capital believes in investing in the communities – the communities where company employees live and work.

It has been reported that since 2005, Dondero’s firm has committed more than 10 million to organizations worldwide!

For more information on James Dondero find him on LinkedIn.

White Shark Media Brings Light to their Clients

White Shark media is a prominent Digital Marketing Agency dedicated to availing online marketing aid to small scale or medium businesses. In many parts of the world, the company has gained favor due to their reputation of engineering affordable Search Marketing campaigns. As a result, they have become one of the fastest growing digital agencies in North America. The company’s success can be attributed to use of proprietary marketing tools and marketing tactics to help develop their customer’s businesses as well as their utilization of Google analytical integration, proprietary reporting software, keyword-level call tracking and competitive intelligence to keep an eye of the marketing strategies of their clients.

Since being founded in 2011, the company grew rapidly and majored in Bing Ads, Google Analytics, AdWords Search and Display Advertising. During the Google HQ in Mountain View California, Google saw a bright future in the company and sent a support team in the company to influence the growth and client requirements. This close partnership led to White Shark receiving the Google AdWords Premier SMB Partnership. Microsoft were also developed a keen interest, which has seen White Shark Media become part of the collaboration involved in Bing Ads Authorized Reselling program.

Many customers that have worked with White Shark have commended its work. After a year of association, Industrial Treadmills from Texas revealed that they had no regrets for working with the agency as their online marketing costs had drastically reduced while the quality of their work had improved. Linda R. representing a printing service in Washington appreciated the work in promotion, which had increased the performance of their account. A statement from Snorkel Tours from Hawaii read that White Shark was one of the most proactive companies she had worked with. The company had improved their website by removing errors, which was fundamental in saving money as well as increase the phone calls and bookings they receive.

David, a worker in a dating site in Florida, appreciated the agency’s work whose efforts had seen him improve his relationship with his PCC and SEO Strategist. Another post in written by Car service and Limousine Connecticut described the works of white Shark as friendly and professional. The company was happy for the improvement of their website, PPC and SEO. In summary, based on the testimonials present, the contribution of White Shark Media in the success of their client’s company was invaluable.

A Look At The Impressive Career Of Yanni Hufnagel

As a young boy, Yanni Hufnagel read all the books that focused on couching. He loved playing basketball. The resume of the 30-year-old is impressive, as it exhibits his impeccable coaching skills considering that he has rendered his services for different institutions of higher learning. During his first year at the renowned Cornell University, Yanni Hufnagel worked as a basketball manager. Later, he landed a summer internship with the successful New Jersey Nets. After graduating from college, he started focusing more on coaching different basketball teams. Yanni is considered an excellent recruiter given that he does not fear hearing someone say no. In addition, Hufnagel has adequate skills on recruiting promising basketball players.

Hufnagel’s Career Highlight

Yanni, the son of Thierry and Joni Hufnagel, was brought up in Scarsdale, New York. While pursuing his high school studies, Yanni Hufnagel played lacrosse. His brother, Alec, was the captain of the lacrosse team. Yanni decided to be a commentator for a local access cable TV channel after being cut from Scarsdale High School’s basketball team. For a year, he pursued his studies at the revered Pennsylvania State University, where he played lacrosse. However, he transferred to the esteemed Cornell University where he graduated with a BS in industrial and labor relations. Yanni Hufnagel earned his master’s degree from the University of Oklahoma where he worked as a graduate assistant for the men’s basketball team.

Yanni served as a recruiter and an assistant coach for the Harvard Crimson men’s basketball team. In a CBS Sports Survey, his peers voted him as the mid-major assistant coach who is likely to be successful in his career owing to his recruiting ability. At the 19th Maccabiah Games in Israel, Yanni coached USA’s Youth Team. While serving as an assistant coaching staff for the Vanderbilt Commodores, he helped the team to rank position 29 in the recruiting class of 2014. Yanni Hufnagel was a coaching staff of California Golden Bears. He also served as an assistant coach for the University of Nevada Wolf Pack men’s basketball team.


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Avaaz combats the assault on net neutrality, and streamlines its outreach with a new community petitions platform

Avaaz has a brick and mortar presence, but it is definitively a technology forward organization of the internet age. To facilitate its advocacy campaign process, Avaaz has recently rolled out a new community petitions platform.

Avaaz is a crowd supported grassroots organization that gives voice to a wide array of advocacy constituencies around the world. Avaaz prioritizes the issues it advocates based on periodic polling from its membership. Issues that are brought up for consideration by the Avaaz community range from those of global concern to hyper-local constituencies.

The issues of top priority to the Avaaz community are often centered around climate change, global democratic governance, anti-corruption, human rights, and ending animal cruelty. Since its founding in 2007, Avaaz has run effective campaigns around issues as diverse as democratic governance reform in Zimbabwe, halting the deforestation of Brazil, European Union food safety, freezing Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s stolen assets, blocking internet censorship, combatting global corporate tax avoidance, backing the Paris climate initiative, refugee advocacy, to ending dog torture in Yulin. Avaaz has a diverse list of causes that have led to real change.

While the Avaaz community advocates in many areas, one issue of current major focus is global net neutrality. Avaaz community members have been active all over the world, blocking legislation that would allow corporations to censor online speech, or throttle internet speeds for small businesses and individuals in favor of large corporations. Avaaz has helped block legislation crafted to end net neutrality in the US, EU, India, and Brazil.

Through Avaaz, you can give voice to issues you care about, starting now.