Jay Z and Roc Nation Look to the Future

Roc Nation is looking to the future as superstar Jay Z is pondering life after his 360 Deal with Live Nation. Nearly ten years ago Jay Z signed a 10 year contract worth $150 million with Live Nation. The deal obviously benefited both parties as Jay Z has continued to dominate every level of the music industry. Now, however, it looks like Jay Z is look toward the next step in his career.  Check pagesix.com.

Desiree Perez and Jay Z met up with Sir Lucian Grainge, the CEO at Universal Music Group, for what could be inferred as a discussion regarding Jay Z’s upcoming availability. Perez has been a business associate with Jay Z for nearly twenty years now so her coming to this meeting could only mean one thing: there are plans for a deal. Still, Universal Music Group was quick to downplay rumors as an anonymous source stated, “Our partnership is pretty significant as it is.” before expounding, “There has not been a discussion about the fact that Roc Nation’s deal with Live Nation is coming up.” Despite these assurances we have a hard time believing that UMG is not at least considering getting a hold on one of the most prolific industry titans around.  More of this on saltylens.com

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Live Nation, for their part, has to be considering a change in their partnership with Jay Z. The reason? Well, Live Nation has been moving away from dealing with recorded and produced music. Live Nation isn’t as keen on marketing that aspect anymore and now they are more interested in the live events, as their namesake might state. Live Nation is definitely interested in Jay Z’s lucrative touring contract but it remains to be seen what will happen. With Desiree Perez involved, the exec who has helped Beyonce get her ‘Formation’ on, we can rest assured that Jay Z will do well.  Refer to prettymanprettyman.com for related articles.

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