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Desiree Perez Wants To Lead Roc Nation

Her Plans For Roc Nation

Jay Z is a business man who understands what it takes to create a business that will last. When he decided to work with Desiree Perez it was clear that there was potential in her and that we would see that potential realized. She understand show the business world and the music world collide and she’s making her work a specialty that everyone is going to remember in the years to come. There is so much more for her to offer as of now.

How Consumers Benefit

Recently, Jay Z announced that his Live Nation deal would be coming to an end. He is trusting Desiree Perez to lead the charge towards his new investments and to bring Roc Nation into the future. The Live Nation deal was worth $150 million and gave Jay Z incredible opportunities to branch out into much more rewarding investments, more to read on pagesix.com. Now, he is leaving all of this into the hands of Desiree Perez and her capable hands. It’s easy to see why he’s put so much trust in her given her history of excellent management and leadership skills so far.

About Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez is a well known music executive who has focused on Roc Nation and expanding the Jay Z brand, check templeofthecave.com.  She has done this single-handedly but continues to devote herself regardless. Her success has allowed Jay Z to reach a net worth of over $810 million and has insured that he will be able to reach billionaire status in the future. There aren’t many people who have reached his level of success and it is thanks to surrounding himself with the right people that the was able to succeed. This is exactly what Desiree Perez does and why she is valued at Roc Nation. Related article here.

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