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Sawyer Howitt Is A Passionate Player Of Racquetball

As a resident of Portland, Oregon, Sawyer Howitt has made a name for himself in the area as a very promising racquetball player. He is a senior at Lincoln High School and plays on the school’s racquetball team. His favorite way to play is in men’s singles, however, he has also shown great potential in both mixed doubles and men’s doubles. His athletic ability has led to his playing in state championships.

Showing his passion for the game, Sawyer Howitt also plays at the Racquetball Club of Portland. This club features the top players in the greater Portland area which allows Sawyer to increase his skill at the game by playing against the best players. As he plans on attending Columbia University in New York in the fall, he will continue playing the game on the national scene.

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Sawyer Howitt operates a blog that is dedicated to racquetball. He follows professional players and talks about what he has learned from them that improves his own game. He has recently followed two championships, the Paola Longoria Open which takes place in Mexico as well as the World Racquetball Tour- Grace Warriors Open that is played in Georgia. He also has written articles about how racquetball players can do a better job supporting the game on social media. He hopes that by being a leader on this front and encouraging others, racquetball will become a bigger sport in the United States.

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Dick DeVos is Much More Than a Great Businessman

When most people think or Dick DeVos, they think of a man who has mastered the ins and outs of business and entrepreneurship. Which makes sense when you take a second to reflect on just how successful Dick DeVos has been in prestigious career. To me his many successes in business merely gives you a surface level understanding of the man that is Dick DeVos. I’d rather focus on his passion for doing philanthropy work. To me his philanthropy efforts really show a deeper side to his character. A side many on the outside looking in overlook more often than not with little appreciation for his efforts. Although I’m sure Mr. DeVos isn’t out to garner attention for his good-natured deeds like some fame hungry celebrity.


Mr. Devos and his loving wife Betsy shocked the world when they lifted the veil on their philanthropist efforts. The couple claims they’ve donated close to $140M to charitable foundations and causes. Some people feel as though they’ve spent their money foolishly. I am not one of them. In my honest opinion, Mr. DeVos and his wife truly did something that impacted the world in a positive way without question. Those who are questioning their spending habits when it pertains to philanthropy is only showing their ignorance.


Dick and Betsy aren’t the only Devos that are passionate about helping the less fortunate. Philanthropy is something the whole family gladly has it’s hand in.The Devos is one of the most charitable families in the world. Few give like they do.


Dick Devos Work History


Mr. Devos became interested in business at an early age due to the fact he would he was involved in his fathers company Amway. Later, after going to school for business he would work for his father in the family business. In the mid 2000’s Dick’s father divided ownership of the NBA’s Orlando Magic between his children making Dick a part owner of the team.


Dick with help from his brother Doug was able to take the Amway company global after some restructuring and renaming it Alticor. The restructuring put the family business in a whole other league so to speak. Soon after DeVos left the company in his brother’s hands to look after.