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Cancer Treatment Centers of America Introduces New Technology

The healthcare organization known as Cancer Treatment Centers of America has teamed up with other healthcare companies NantHealth and Allscripts in order to come up with a new technological solution for the healthcare industry. The organization has recently announced that it has developed a new technology in order to more efficiently store and track various healthcare records. Since many health records are stored electronically, it will be increasingly more important to have them processed more efficiently. The new technological solution offered by the three companies will be able to provide many benefits which include information about the cancer treatment process. It will also help provide physicians with the ability to save time without being disrupted during their day. This new technological solution was developed by a number of American based oncologists. is one of the leading healthcare companies that specialize in the treatment of various forms of cancer. The healthcare organization is based in Boca Raton, Florida and has locations throughout the United States. It currently has treatment centers in Atlanta, Chicago, Phoenix and Tulsa, Oklahoma. The hospitals help treat a number of adult patients who are currently battling cancer. With the resources available, Cancer Treatment Centers of America has been able to help a number of patients overcome the complications caused by cancer. Its integrative approach has allowed the organization to provide the best quality care for patients on a regular basis.

According to the article, “Cancer Treatment Centers of America® Partners with Allscripts and NantHealth to Launch Clinical Pathways, a Comprehensive and Custom Oncology Treatment Platform,” In order to help treat its many patients, Cancer Treatment Centers of America offers a number of options. It often uses methods such as surgery, radiation treatment, immunotherapy, chemotherapy and also genomic testing. All of these methods offer a number of unique benefits to various patients. By using them simultaneously, Cancer Treatment Centers of America has proven to be very successful at helping eliminate cancer and allow people to live a healthy lifestyle again.

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Rona Borre Never Quit or Gave Up

Rona Borre was determined not to fail or sidestep what she considered to be her mission. That was to form her own successful business and make it grow. In 2001 she started in a spare bedroom in her Chicago condo, and today, 15 years later, she is very successful, indeed. Her company, Instant Alliance, is one of the most successful recruiting and staffing companies in the country.

Instant Alliance bills millions of dollars annually to clients who are happy to pay her fees because she gets results, check   Borre discovered a major flaw that most staffing agencies don’t recognize. They parade hundreds of candidates past the HR department and hope that they will work out.

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Borre concluded long ago that the process just didn’t work because the wrong kinds of people frequently get hired and the good candidates don’t. Borre works very hard to form a relationship with top level management and finds out exactly what is needed in that position. Then she goes out, and her account executives go out and find that particular individual. Since over the past 15 years Borre’s retention rate of employees hired is at the 99% level, her system seems to work. Other statistics from competitors are nowhere near that level. Working smarter pays off.

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Equities First Customers Using Stocks To Secure Loans

Equities First Holdings is an overall loaning association that offers different financing solutions to customers. Throughout the previous couple of years, lion’s share of clients used to settle on conventional strategies for getting loans as a method for raising additional capital. However, the cases have bit by bit changed accordingly due to monetary difficulties whereby the financial foundations have made the lending rules tough. Powerlessness to meet all prerequisites for the customary strategy for getting loans has forced many borrowers to seek optional lending services such as stock loans where stock is used as collateral.

Another variable that has expanded the quantity of clients looking for stock-based loans is the expanding of the financing costs by banks. Additionally, high financing costs have made it difficult to apply for such loans. In that way, most customers have considered using stocks as a suitable alternative. Al Christy Jr., the affiliation’s CEO credits this kind of assurance as a result of its different benefits.Stock based loans are valuable especially in the midst of harsh financial environments and fluctuating markets. Besides, such a method has a non-plan of activity stipulation that exempts clients from installment payment when the stock’s value goes down. The customer finds the opportunity to retain the loan gotten without paying back while the firm holds their stock.

However, to get a margin loan, borrowers ought to be qualified and the acquired cash should be used for specific purposes. Likewise loaning rates are not settled and the proportion of loan-to-value changes in the scope of 10 to 50 percent. Additionally, the financial association can audit the security offered without notification.Nonetheless, stock based loans accompany a financing expense of 4% or less while the loan-to-value ratio ranges between 50 and 75 percent. All the more basically, the borrowed cash can be used for various reasons and there are no constraints set on the loan. Borrowers are not obliged to pay if the stock value deteriorates. All such benefits is what Equities First customers have been reaping.

How James Dondero is Making Waves in the Investment Sector

James Dondero is a financial executive and investor with more than three decades of experience. Dondero attended the University of Virginia where he majored in Accounting and Finance. Dondero is a chartered financial analyst (CFA) and a certified management accountant (CMA). Dondero started his career as an analyst at JP Morgan before becoming a corporate bond analyst at American Express. He was later promoted to portfolio manager before becoming the chief investment officer of Protective Life. He is credited with growing the firm’s assets to $2 Billion in four years. He is the Chairman of Nexbank, CCS Medical, and Cornerstone Healthcare.


Dondero is the co-founder and CEO of Highland Capital Management. Dondero was featured in Barron’s magazine cover story last month. Dondero said that his biggest strength as an investor has been his ability to solve puzzles. Highland offers mutual fund investors access to its investment ideas that are curated by Dondero. The Highland Global Allocation Fund is worth $900 million dollars today. The fund has increased to 30% over the past year. It is listed in Morningstar’s world allocation category. The fund invests in a single company or several firms in the same sector that have produced large performance swings.


James Dondero and his team decided to venture into Argentina in 2012. They foresaw a massive recovery of the country’s economy. They did a lot of research and visited the country many times over the course of two years. The firm made a sizeable investment in Argentina’s debt in 2014. The move paid off for them in late 2015 when the country elected a new president. The firm decided to invest in MLPs in 2015 after the oil prices plunged. The fund invested close to 15% of its assets in several MLP companies. It worked out very well for them. MLPs averaged 18% return last year. Highland was able to double some of its positions.


Highland has a donor-advised fund that directs more than $3 million towards charitable organizations each year. One of the initiatives that the fund has supported heavily is the Reasoning Mind. It brings technology to children in remote areas.



Vincent Parascandola – A Financial Expert at AXA Advisors

Vincent Parascandola is the Senior Executive VP at AXA Advisors where he is responsible for sales, management development, retention, productivity, recruitment and establishment of new & experienced financial professionals. Mr. Parascandola has more than 25 years of involvement in the sector. He began his livelihood with Prudential in 1987 being an operator, and was alluded as the yearly National Rookie. Parascandola later joined with MONY Life Insurance Company in 1990, in which he acted various regional and local administration duties before moving to AXA Advisors in 2004.

Going before his duty as a divisional president, Parascandola was pioneer of The Advantage Group (unit of AXA Equitable) that was made to bring about occasional financial specialists. Earlier, he was co-chief of the association’s New York Metro branch, an organization with approximately 400 monetary specialists within the tri-state area. Well recognized for his good services, Mr. Parascandola has earned several awards from various organizations via his vacation including Master Agency Awards & GAMA’s Career Development. Being a great speaker, he has before addressed different associations and industry sectors including various meetings such as GAMA’s national LAMP Meeting and LIMRA’s annual meetings. Vincent Parascandola is a GAMA personnel and past pioneer of Florida section.

Parascandola got his education at Pace University, New York where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree. AXA Advisors’ arrangement of practically 6,000 financial specialists offer products and technicalities to budgetary investment and security in like manner to resource allotment, retirement, school, business and estate planning to assist clients with their financial issues during their lives. AXA Financial Inc. backup, AXA Equitable is among the components shaping worldwide AXA Group, being a worldwide pioneer in offering wealth services and money related assurance techniques. AXA Advisors, LLC is an agent merchant with over 5,350 enrolled designates all over the country.

Parascandola is responsible for advancement and development of over 225 money related specialists in Central New Jersey. He is committed with preparing and selecting of new guiders to the organization notwithstanding supervising Sales development by upgrading of the current makers’ profitability while maintaining right net revenues. Today, he is also accountable for enrollment in industry securities and the FINRA and SEC oversight.


JMH Development’s Principal, Jason Halpern, Discusses About the Topping off at Aloft South Beach Hotel

Recently, JMH Development announced the topping off at Aloft South Beach Hotel. This means that the real estate development company is entering into the final stages of developing the newest hotel in the famous Miami Beach. The property will be one of the largest in the area. It will have 235 spacious rooms.

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

According to Aloft South Beach project’s official documents, the property will be developed courtesy of a partnership between JMH Development and the Madden Real Estate Ventures. The new hotel is made up of two primary structures. The first building is the historic Motel Ankara, while the second project is a newly constructed eight-story structure. Motel Ankara will be renovated to give it a modern look. The adaptive reuse of the building will also ensure that it has up-to-date facilities that will seek to augment the clients’ experience.

Jason Halpern: with Production

The other firms involved in the project are Plaza Construction and ADD Inc. These corporations will cater for the construction works and the architectural design respectively. Jason believes that the experience of these enterprises in similar undertakings will facilitate completion of the project within set timelines. Aloft South Beach is the first new hotel to be constructed in the area since 2009. With over 360 square feet of room spaces, the facility has a competitive edge over its rivals. Jason is optimistic that the hotel will become the travelers’ choice in the beach.

Jason Halpern with his Mates

Jason is satisfied with the progress of the project. He notes that if everything goes as per the plan, the property will be opened early next year. The project adds into the long list of historic buildings that have been restored by JMH Properties. The investor is contended with the milestone that the company has achieved.

In addition to spacious rooms and modern facilities, clients of Aloft South Beach will enjoy the beautiful view of the surrounding environment. From the hotel, visitors will have access to Lake Pancoast through the Collins Canal, which is closer to the hotel. Moreover, the shores of Miami Beach are just one block from the property. Miami Beach Convention Center, the Bass Museum of Art, art galleries, and nightclubs are some of the establishments that are within the vicinity of the hotel.

Jason’s Family

Jason Halpern is a successful real estate developer and entrepreneur. Through his company, JMH Development, the businessman has engaged in the development of several real estate projects across the nation. He took over the leadership of the family business in 2010. In the last seven years, Jason has grown the company to become one of the largest real estate investors in the region. In New York alone, the company has over $500 million in real estate investments. The success of JMH Development is anchored on the transformative leadership of Jason Halpern


Lime Crime Velvetines Collection

Lime Crime produces wild and very vibrant lipstick colors that are sure to get attention. They are available in a wide range of bold and beautiful colors with names that really capture the attention. For example, colors like Asphalt, Wicked, Fetish, and many more that capture the true nature of the Velvetines lipstick line. Doe Deere is the name of the founder of the makeup company and Deere is also the one that introduced the Velvetines to the online market. The Velvetines are a liquid to matte lipstick that has real strong staying power.


Lime Crime Velvetines Popularity

The makeup company founded by pastel haired beauty, Doe Deere, is taking over the social media sites. People around the world are able to go to the popular sites like Twitter or Facebook and discuss the latest Velvetines or exchange ideas on the best new colors in the lipstick line. Many upload pictures wearing their favorite lip colors. Some of the hot new colors that are perfect for Springtime wear or wearing during any season include colors like:


  • Teacup – This is a very intriguing periwinkle blue color
  • Zenon – A very sparkling metallic gold color
  • Alien – A very glowstick green color
  • Flamingo – A beautiful and very bright pink toned llipstickt


Lime Crime Success

The makeup company’s success is due to their ability to create very original colors that are not available here or on any other planet. These are bold and dazzling colors for the very creative person that lives life to the fullest. These are not colors for the shrinking violet. Those wearing the colors state that they do not smudge and that the colors last all day long. The lipstick last through consuming several meals and long, romantic kisses, state a few that are totally obsessed with the lipstick. This long lasting lipstick is high quality and made to help the wearer express their true personality in a bold way. It is also interesting to note that the Velvetine lipstick line are animal cruelty free and vegan.

Not Hatching All Your Eggs In One Basket Is The Right Policy To Follow With Your Investments

The financial markets would always stay volatile and keep changing with time as new dynamics of investments are developed. It is what makes difficult for even the top analysts to judge what would work and what wouldn’t work in the long-term.

However, wealth creation in the long-term is possible by a strategic planning that consists of diversifying the investment portfolio. Warren Buffett says that it is also a good time that Americans start taking retirement planning seriously and begin with gradually increasing their savings. It is highly needed for a stable economy, and he feels that it is a concept that must take deep inroads in the American society.

Warren Buffett recently also wagered $1 Million saying that he fully trusts S&P 500 Index Funds can get better returns than the funds available out there. And, it seems that he would be winning the bet. There is no sure shot way of getting quick returns on any investments. The best way to know where to invest is by doing a careful research of the market.


Tim Armour, one of the most reputed and successful financial consultant and expert and the Chairman of Capital Group, believes that investments are the key to long-term wealth creation. However, Tim also feels that the investments should be made at the right place to get maximum returns. He has done his graduation from the Middlebury College, majoring in Economics. Tim Armour is with Capital Group for 34 years and started with the firm in an associate program. Today, Capital Group manages assets worth $1.4 Trillion.

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USHEALTH Group Wins One Planet Awards’ Company of the Year

One Planet Awards announced in January this year that USHEALTH Group, Inc. had won Company of the Year in the Accounting, Banking, Financial, and Insurance category. The One Planet Awards is a program that honors business excellence in all industries worldwide.USHEALTH’s President and CEO Troy McQuagge said that it was an honor to win the One Planet Awards because it was a sign of esteem and recognition by the company’s peers. “This award is a testament to USHEALTH’s commitment to solving the healthcare affordability problem for our customers …” he added.Last June, the insurance company also won the Gold Stevie Award in the Company of the Year, Insurance category. It’s subsidiary, USHEALTH Advisors LLC, won the Silver Stevie Award as the Most Innovative Company of the Year. SVP Bill Shelton accepted both Stevie Awards, saying that they served as proof that the business and its independently contracted agents were strong in providing new insurance options to their customers.

USHEALTH Group, Inc. is a holding company headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas whose primary business is health insurance. It has focused on delivering innovation in the health insurance markets for self-employed people and small businesses. USHEALTH has been leveraging the skills of its employees and agents to bring affordable health care insurance products to those who need them most.Since 2014, USHEALTH Group, Inc. has been led by Troy McQuagge. McQuagge joined the company when he was named President and CEO of its sales unit, USHEALTH Advisors, LLC. He has more than thirty years of experience in the insurance business.

He entered his career in insurance in 1983 working for Allstate Insurance Company. In 1995, he moved to UICI, which is known today as HealthMarkets, where he created two profitable insurance sales organizations. Since he joined the management team at USHEALTH, the company has seen sales grow 500% since 2010.When he joined USHEALTH, McQuagge remarked, “I am honored by the confidence Ben and the Board have placed in me, and I am humbled to be following in his footsteps as President of USHEALTH Group.”Troy McQuagge was awarded a B.A. in Legal Studies by the University of Central Florida.Also visit their Linkedin account:

Desiree Perez & Tidal Make a Big Impression With Nothing But Hits

The Tidal app has become quite a new trend as of lately since its exclusives from talented co-owners. The big move comes in as a hit and has made its largest move ever within the iTunes Store. This comes on the heels of Kanye West’s TLOP release. Since the release, there are more than a million trial members who have joined since the release.

There has been a list of executives that all have left since the release and they are on their third CEO, he is the ex-chief business officer for Sound Cloud. Jeff Toig joined the group in late 2015. The big question remains as to who is planning these exclusive 5 star artists plays. The people who are talking about the business say that Desiree Perez is the person behind the curtain. Perez is a very close associate of Jay Z and she has a long time running record for SC Enterprises. Along with Perez, her husband Juan also runs the Roc Nation Sports group.  Check on

Desiree Perez is specifically known for how tough she is as a negotiator and for being able to crunch the numbers when it comes to figuring out what needs to happen to make something better. She has been referred to by the N.Y. Daily News as being Babe Ruthless. She is a well known BOSS. She had her hand in on the forming of the Formation stadium tour as well as with the Samsung deal for Rihanna.  Visit Dez’ page.

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With the new release of Tidal, the updated service has a whole new experience available to its customers. Those who are subscribers to the service claim that the new service is focusing on what is up and coming and what is new to music lovers. Most of your subscribing services will ask that you carry a robust catalog which is going to cost more and Tidal instead has a Discovery section which allows for artists who are emerging to be heard. There is also a Live Performance section which allows for you to be able to listen to performances by artists. The one thing that they offer that most other services do not have is impeccable taste. When it comes to what they offer, the taste they carry in artists and music is by far the best there is out there.  See