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José Borghi And The Art Of Advertising

José Borghi is the founder of the Brazilian advertising firm Mullen Lowe Agency. Under his leadership the company has become one of the leading advertising agencies in the world. He developed an interest and love of advertising while young and has pursued it as his career ever since. Growing up in President Prudente, he attended a performance while in junior high and was awed by an ad showing during it; the commercial was called Vts that went on to win at Cannes. He went on to pursue an advertising career by graduating with a degree in Advertising and Publicity at Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas.

After graduating from college he went on to work in a number of advertising agencies, also working diligently at gaining knowledge about advertising and honing his own craft in it. Eventually he co-founded his own agency with a partner and they called it BorghiErh. The company had great success and due to this in 2006 was purchased by Lowe and renamed Borghi Lowe. This company as well had many successes and then merged with Lowe & Partners as well as the Mullen Group, and with another name change the Mullen Lowe advertising agency was born.

Mullen Lowe is based in São Paulo and José Borghi serves as its President. The company develops and designs advertising campaigns out of offices they have throughout the world. Some of their clients include such huge names as Microsoft, Volvo, Philips, Honda, and Michelin. José Borghi and Mullen Lowe have been given dozens of advertising awards including 14 Cannes Lions, 11 awards at the New York Festival, and 10 Clio awards in addition to others.


Wessex Institute of Technology Conferences

Many schools today try to do as much as possible to help students learn about the career opportunities that are available in their prospective industries. Wessex Institute of Technology is a college that works to place people in the right position for a variety of reasons. With all of the changes in the market, it is vital that companies like Wessex Institute of Technology help students with their career. If you want to invest in your future, this is the company to work with. A lot of people today are excited about the changes that the school is making. 

You can check here to know more details.

In addition, every year the Wessex Institute of Technology allows students to attend conferences that work as a planning session for their future. Not only does this help students in a number of ways, but it also helps them with their education and investment planning over the long term.


How Securus is Making Correctional Facilities Safer

Securus Technologies is a contractor based in Dallas, Texas that develops products for detainee communication and information management. Securus has been recognized in the past for the services that it has provided to various organizations. 2016 was a good year for them as it saw them receiving an A+ rating and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. They published a few of the comments that they had received from users of their products and their services who expressed their satisfaction with Securus’ services in October. These observations were extracted from emails and letters that they received from prison and jail officials.


Richard Smith is the Chairman and CEO of Securus Technologies. He says that the company fostered innovation and released new products and services each week. These products are aimed at aiding law enforcement and officials to solve and prevent crimes from taking place. He added that the company was dedicated to ensuring safety and they make certain that their products do this.


One of the comments outlined how they were able to use Securus’ products to extract information from phone calls. The information went a long way in helping them acquire a search warrant which led to the arrest of a corrupt staff member who was smuggling contraband into the facility. Another comment from a prison official explained how they got information from monitored calls on some illegal activities that were taking place in the facility. They obtained information on the presence of drugs and alcohol in the facility and the presence of mobile phones.


The LBS software was mentioned in several comments and how it helped in the conduction of many investigations. One official said that LBS software had worked so well for them that they decided they would be a long term client of Securus. One comment mentioned how a member of law enforcement was able to use the covert alert feature during an investigation that led to the arrest of the suspect.


Equities First Holdings: Specializing In Stock Based Loans

For more than one decade of experience in the financial market, Equities First Holdings has worked to become one of the greatest companies in the world in the financial sector. For Equities First Holdings, they engage in issuing loans using stocks as collateral. For this reason, the company works to develop other working permits to harvest most of the related composition matters. Equities First Holdings is also considered as one of the fastest growing companies based in the United States. Because they keep winning the trust of the people, Equities First Holdings has made itself an empire in the production of the stock-based loans over the use of credit-based loans during an economic crisis.

No one can deny that the country is not in a financial crisis. As a matter of fact, a repeat of what happened to the financial world in 2008 is about to take place. Moreover, the situation will only grow worse by the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union. During an economic crisis, the market fluctuation is always inevitable especially to the world if finance and credit loans. Moreover, the stocks are always fluctuating greatly during this period. For this reason, there is only one company which keeps on surviving the wrath of the economic crisis. Equities First Holdings has been adopted as one of the best companies issuing fast working capital using stocks as collateral.

The non-purpose feature characterizes the stock-based loans. For this feature in the stock-based loans, you are not required to say the intention or intended use of the loan to get a qualification. However, you are only required to come with a better solution towards a better working of the company. Another feature of this loan is the non-recourse character which allows the loan user to escape paying the loan in a way which disengages them from the lender.

Reinventing Banking Through Innovation

In a conference held in New Orleans, Louisiana, on November 7th, 2016, the President and CEO of NexBank Capital, Inc, John Holt, served as a panelist at the fifth Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference  put on by the Texas Bankers Association.


Mr Holt participated in the Banker Panel, which explored the topic “Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation”

The Annual Strategic Opportunity and M&A Conference, created five years prior, serves as a platform and forum for bank leaders, consultants, and advisors to discuss and share perspectives on the evolving landscape of the banking community.


NexBank Capital is very much a part of that evolving landscape.


NexBank Capital provides customized banking and financial services to it’s diverse client base through three integral businesses; Commercial Banking, Mortgage Banking, and Institutional Services.

NexBank’s management strives to combine the strength and assurance of industry expertise, with a keen focus on providing exceptional financial capability services to institutional, corporate, as well as individual customers.


NexBank works to provide a wealth of services, including commercial banking, investment banking, mortgage banking, in addition to corporate advisory services to a broad range of clients spanning from large corporations, to small businesses, from real estate investors to banks, from middle-market companies to some of the largest institutional clients in the capital market.


NexBank Capital, Inc, has proved to be a highly successful venture, reporting as recently as September of last year, as much as $4.0 billion in assets.

With a charter dating back to 1922, NexBank has established itself as an industry leader, and is committed to their clients, always striving to deliver unique value at every available opportunity.

NexBank provides their clients with privileged access to industry leading, and personalized solutions at the hands of an experienced team of financial experts.

Add Some Variety To Your Life With EOS Lip Balm!

EOS lip balm has taken drugstores everywhere by storm. It’s unique design and appealing flavors make this product a favorite of women around the world. The name EOS even suggests reason for it’s popularity. It is an acronym for Evolution of Smooth, a perfect descriptor of the transformation from traditional lip balm tube form to the sleek orb that is so recognizable. EOS sells over one million units a week, no small feat and partially due to the large variety of options.

The most easily identifiable product by EOS lip balm is the Sphere Lip Balm. One popular flavor, Summer Fruit (, has a blend has a blend of strawberry, blueberry, and peach, making it the perfect choice for a day on the beach. For those looking for a bit of SPF, the Active Protection line is a popular option, and the Lemon Twist ( is perfectly reminiscent of a refreshing lemonade. If you enjoy the traditional tube shape, EOS Smooth Stick Lip Balm gives you the style you are used to with the formula that lead to their popularity. Try the Sweet Mint ( on a winter day for a little pick-me-up. (

No matter which flavor you choose, the EOS lip balms are sure to provide you with smoother, more healthy looking lips due to the Vitamin E, shea butter, and jojoba oil. If you are unsure of what flavor you want, try one of their convenient multi-packs, and you can have an EOS lip balm for your desk, purse, and gym bag. It is easy to find this lip balm sphere at Target, Walgreens, Ulta or Walmart in the oral care aisle. It is also easy to shop for this product online and it can be found at eBay. So the next time you find yourself in the lip balm aisle, why not pick up a new flavor and find another EOS product to love? You’ll be glad you tried it.

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Keith Mann is a Man for all Seasons

Keith Mann is an authority in hedge fund investment and compensation and the executive search industry. As a search industry executive he focused on staffing and hiring strategy for global financial service companies. He was employed in the staff search industry for more than 15 years before he established Dynamic Search Partners (DSP) in 2009.Before DSP, Mr. Mann was the managing director of Dynamic Executive Search (DES) and then launched Alternative Investment Partners under the Dynamic Executive Search umbrella. DES focused on the hedge fund industry after identifying it as an undeserved area even though it was a market that was growing by leaps and bounds.

As the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of DSP, Mr. Mann was responsible for the day to day operations and management of the company. Mann develops investment solutions for the hedge fund industry, as well as strategy for hiring and sustaining professional staff positions for clients. The solutions are developed on an individual basis for firms in the United States, Asia and Europe. DSP currently fill more than 200 positions annually.The idea for DSP came about after years of experience in the alternative investment area. Mann worked in the New York area where a booming and aggressive market existed. After identifying the need for the type of services Mann was trained in, he decided there was a huge void in an industry to be filled. Mann declares his success in the industry is a combination of staying focused and exercising before work each day. The ideas he develops for investments often come from identifying a need and finding solutions to meet those needs. He often fine tunes ideas and solutions to fit the ever changing current trends in the industry.

Keith Mann is most proud of his work with the Uncommon Schools of New York. The goal of the school system is to prepare students from low-income families to not only attend college, but become a college graduate and use their education to succeed in making a better life for themselves.Mann and DSP have set up a scholarship program that supports one Uncommon School graduate each year to attend a four year college. As an advocate of education with a high level of philanthropy, Mann is committed to identifying strong leaders and matching them with appropriate candidates to help cultivate success.



Getting a Personal Loan through Equities First

Over the past 10 years, the turbulent international economy has had an impact on many industries and other financial considerations. One area in which it it has had a very significant impact, is in the field of consumer lending. The turbulent economy, and tightened credit standards, have made it very difficult for the average consumer to obtain personal loans.

For consumers that are looking for a personal loan, but are not able to obtain one from a bank, another option may be to take out a stop secured loan. One leading provider of stock secured loans is Equities First, which is an international specialty finance firm.When taking out a stock secured loan, the lender will take a security position in a stock portfolio that is pledged at loan closing. In the event that the loan payments go into default, the lender will then have the option to liquidate the stock to pay off the outstanding balance. This provides the lender with an excellent source of liquid collateral, which allows the lender to provide low interest rates and fees even compared to bank that.

While there are advantages of stock secured loans for lenders, there are also advantages for consumers. The main advantage is that it allows in consumer to access liquidity without having to actually sell their stock. Depending on your personal situation, this can have significant tax and investment strategy advantages. It is particularly ideal if you have not owned a stack for a long period of time and selling for a gain would lead to a significantly higher tax rate. Furthermore, if you think the stock will increase in value in the coming years, it would make far more sense to hold the stock for a little bit longer and borrow against it instead of selling it.



For many years Wengie has been one of the top creators on YouTube. Originally born in China she now resides in Australia where she is one of the top lifestyle and Beauty gurus in the world. She does a large variety of do-it-yourself videos as well as life half videos. One of her top videos to date is her Draw My Life video in which she gives viewers a glimpse into what her life was like growing up.


The video begins with Wengie talking about her parents moving to Australia when she was just a young girl. At first she did not go instead she stayed behind with her nanny and grandparents. When she was 4 years old she flew to Melbourne to meet up with her parents where she ended up living for a few years before moving to Sydney Australia with her parents. Life was hard for when she in Australia. She did not have any friends at first and did not know how to socialize with other kids. She did well in school, however it was not until high school that she seemed to Blossom and become a social butterfly. During High School her mom became pregnant and Wengie soon had a baby brother named Jim. Although she did not know it at the time when G’s family was struggling for money. They got by with very little making clothes and toys at home and using the same tools and appliances for many years.


Before finding fame and fortune on YouTube Wengie worked as an accountant as well as a social media consultant although she prospered in both jobs and enjoyed them creating videos on YouTube is where her passion lines. To date when she has over 5 million subscribers on her YouTube channel.


Finding the best advice for betting college basketball and March Madness in 2017

This year’s NCCA college basketball season is well underway, with crowd favorites looking to perform their best and and walk away champions. Betting pools are open, and skilled sports fans around the country have already won thousands. With the right information, research, and gut instinct anyone can win big betting on college basketball this season.

There many strategies for picking the winner, but the most important information you can find is about the odds. Finding the best college basketball odds will ensure that you make the most money from your wins. Finding the best price for your favorite team will ensure that you don’t leave any money on the table and will maximise your chance of coming out a winner. Because pricing is so important, I personally recommend as a primary source for research and information for several reasons.

Beyond the usual watered down research and guess work done on most sports websites, provides comprehensive odds and information each and every college basketball and March Madness game. provides information about point spreads, handicaps, odds as well and sportsbook promotions. This information is kept up to date in real time, ensuring you don’t lose money by working with outdated information. In many cases, a skilled handicapper can place a bet early before prices go down and secure the best odds for himself. When this happens it’s possible to wager on both sides of the event and guarantee profit no matter who wins the match.

Since is a website about sports betting for sports bettors, all of the articles are short, concise and focus on betting. You can get in-depth information about upcoming matches, match history, injury reports, as well as free picks from the experts. I personally make it a habit to read each and every article, consider the justifications and reasoning that the author had for making the pick that they did, and then bet accordingly.

Anyone interested in betting on college basketball during March Madness owes it to themselves to find all the best information that they can. Anyone unsure about their ability to pick a winner can also benefit from the free cash contests run by every season for every sport.

The combination of killer information, up-to-the-minute betting odds, as well as free contests with cash prizes are all the more reason to do some reasearch and make March Madness lot more exciting this season.