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Organo Gold: A Blend Of Physical And Financial Wellness

Organo Gold is a global company that deals with the making of personal care products, beverages and nutraceuticals from traditional Chinese herbs. The company, based in the Philippines, delivers its health conscious products to over 50 countries around the world. Organo Gold distributes its products through a global network marketing system. The company sells the products, made from the Ganoderma herb, through direct selling.

This global marketing company provides an opportunity for individuals who are keen on making some money on the side. Apart from promoting the use of healthier products the company endeavors to provide business opportunities to people all over the world.

Through its global marketing program, customers get to start a marketing business once they buy Organo Gold products. The products include tea and coffee products made using Ganoderma.

At the center of every successful business venture is a strong leader with excellent business acumen. Bernardo Chua is the chief executive officer and the founder of Organo Gold. Bernado Chua is a prominent business person and a highly skilled multilevel marketing expert.

Bernardo Chua founded Organo Gold after leaving his job as a business executive at Gano Excel. His outstanding business performance came to the limelight while working in Gano Excel where he took only three years to expand the business to reach three countries including Canada, Hong Kong, and the United States.

Organo Gold presents a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to learn firsthand the ropes of marketing. By partnering with the Napoleon Hill Foundation, Organic Gold aims to change the lives of people around the world by raising entrepreneurs.

The Napoleon Hill Foundation is the publisher of the book, ‘Think and Grow Rich’, a book that has significantly changed the lives of many people around the world making them successful in their businesses. The book has sold millions of copies to readers from different continents.

In 2008, Bernardo Chua founded Organo Gold. His expertise in direct selling substantially contributed to the quick growth and expansion of the company to other continents. Through this global marketing company, Bernardo has successfully created job opportunities for millions of people around the world.

Wen By Chaz | 3 Key Tips to Achieving Healthy Hair

Washing your Hair

Washing your hair regularly is key to achieving healthy hair. However, it is important to note that excessive washing of hair could be damaging. Limit washing your hair to two times a week. This is to keep the hair clean while preventing loss of natural oils. But, if you have oily hair, you are allowed to wash it up to three times a week. And, if your hair is colored or treated, you are advised to wash it less frequently to prevent it from losing its sheen.

Use oil With Natural Ingredients

Oil is key to healthy hair. However, not all oil is good oil. Before you purchase oil you need to check its ingredients. Ensure that it has all natural ingredients, instead of chemicals that will eat up nutrients meant for your hair growth and health.

Keep Heat at Minimum

If you want to achieve healthy hair, you need to learn how to keep heat minimum. When washing your hair, use water as cold as your scalp can bear. Also, when drying or styling your hair, keep the heat low. Also ensure that you use protective oils like shea butter to protect your hair from the heat.

Trim Your Hair

Trimming your hair might not sound too good an idea, but I assure you that it is for the best. By trimming your hair, you get rid of ends that carry chemicals from hair products. This way, you prevent the chemicals from moving up, hence, weakening your hair shaft.

About When By Chaz

Wen hair by stylist Chaz Dean is one of the leading hair product brands in Hollywood. Wen products include conditioners, shampoos, treatments, and serums, just to mention a few. Wen hair product line is best known for their cleansing conditioner which gives you the benefit of five different hair products.

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Securus Investigator Pro 4.0 With Voice Search Allows Law Enforcement To Focus

Imagine being tasked with the investigation of all the phone calls made by a singular inmate into an out of all the prison facilities he has ever been. Every single phone call that an inmate makes in the United States is recorded. You’d have to go to every single one of the prisons to request these recordings. And how would you go about requesting them?


The prison likely logs these phone calls by the name of the inmate. You would get hours upon hours of recordings and need to comb through every single one of them. You’d have an easy time identifying some of the voices, like that of the prisoner’s mother. But other voices would not be as easy to identify. Oh, and you need to get this investigation done during a certain period of time so that the prosecutor can move forward with her case.


You’d likely make mistakes in this long and arduous process. You may even misidentify some of the subjects of the phone calls. But this job that would have taken weeks upon weeks to complete can now be done in just a matter of minutes. This is all due to a recent software release by Securus Technologies.


The Investigator Pro 4.0 with voice search can scan an entire prisons telephone call library for a single voice. You wouldn’t need to go through poorly kept logs and you can even narrowed down the calls further. You can cross-reference one voice with another to hear every single phone call between two identified voices.


This would cut down on many mistakes. You could focus more of your energy on a smaller number of phone calls while analyzing the content further. This technological innovation should put more people behind bars that deserve to be there.


Jose Borghi’s Road to Success in the Advertising Sector

Advertising serves as one of the key elements of promoting business commodities in the market. With the numerous benefits associated with this type of business promotion technique comes a great need to contract the advertising experts on such as the Mullen Lowe, which is a leading Brazilian advertising agency.

Jose Borghi is acknowledged for founding the Mullen Lowe Brasil agency, which was formerly known as Borghi Lowe. Jose is widely known for his advertising skills and expertise, especially in the creation of top ranking campaigns like the Mammals Parmalat, which included children dressed as stuffed animals. In the unforgettable advertising campaign, the children not only sang jingles but also Zeze di Camargo and Luciano’s hit song.

How Jose Borghi’s Passion for Advertising Began

Like many other individuals, Jose Borghi had no future aspirations pertaining the career path to pursue after school. However, the situation later changed after being invited by his sister to watch various performances held at the Castro Neves theater. After watching the performances displayed at the Castro Neves, Jose Borghi developed a passion for the kind of career that he would pursue after school.

Working Experience

Upon completing his high school education with a strong passion for pursuing the advertising field, Jose joined the PUC-Campinas where he studied advertising. In 1989, Jose Borghi was lucky to land his first job with Standart Ogilvy. After working for the Standart Ogilvy for some time, he moved to other companies such as FCB, DDB, DM9, as well as Talent and Leo Burnett. Consequently, Jose utilized his knowledge and experience garnered from working for other companies to start his advertising agency with the Erg Ray, his partner. At the time, the company they formed was called BorghiErh.

Formation of Mullen Lowe

Erh Ray cited that when they founded BorghiErh, they had absolutely no support from financial institutions, investors, and mentors. However, through their hard work, they created an agency that caught the attention of other entities. Lowe acquired BorghiErh in December 2006 to form the Borghi Lowe. Continuous growth of the company in local and global markets led to a merger with the Mullen Group, which transformed the name from Borghi Lowe to Mullen Lowe. Subsequently, Andre Gomes and Jose Borghi became Co-CEOs.

Mullen Lowe has been involved in top advertising campaigns on for numerous companies such as America On Line, Honda, Asia Motors, Delta Airlines and many others. With such notable campaigns, it has attained numerous accolades such as Advertiser of the Year award in the Columnists Sao Paulo.

Devco Is Helping Burned Out Neighborhoods Recover

Cities around New Jersey are looking for ways to make their old and burned out neighborhoods better again, and the only way to do that is to make sure that they work with DEVCO. Devco is a loan company that works with large municipalities every day, and they are now creating a loan program that will work great for everyone who is involved. The Press of Atlantic City is reporting on the company even to this day because they are making a lot of small neighborhoods in New Jersey look better. The idea is to develop, and that is what Devco pays for when they send out a loan to the city or the county.
The city plays a very big role in this because they are taking out the loan and deciding to redevelop a community. They know that people in these places do not have the means to recover on their own, and they also know that they cannot help anyone unless there is new construction that companies will be attracted to. Every company that is coming into the area will offer its own set of jobs, and they might offer their own building money to help make the area even nicer. Jobs will be created on the spot, and it is very important that people who need jobs come to these cities.

The people who live in these areas need to be reminded that there is a way for them to recover from what could have been pretty hard times. They need to have something to hold on to, and that is where Devco comes in. Devco helps build something new, and they project how much the city can make to pay the loan back. Everyone wins, and the people who have lived in the community forever can see the difference.