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Squaw Valley Resort–An Exciting Getaway for Every Level of Skier

If you’re looking for a scenic Alpine ski getaway, look no further than Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadow. Located in gorgeous Lake Tahoe, between Tahoe City and Truckee the Alpine Meadows Resorts is the perfect choice for couples, families, or seasoned skiers looking for a new challenge. The chalet-like cabins and friendly staff make visitors want to return again and again.

Alpine Meadow and Squaw Valley have along shared many connections the most prominent one being the shared view. Visitors can see one mountain from the other one However, the two resorts are definitely separate. Visitors must hold distinct ski passes and the resorts themselves have very different cultures on However, that is no longer the case as Squaw Valley’s owners recently acquired Alpine Meadow in 2011, merging the two fabulous resorts into one.

This resort has something for every level of skier and snowboarder, with easy progression slopes to bowls and more than one hundred trails of varying levels and lengths spread throughout the 2400 acre resort resort. There are also groomed runs and mountain adventures that fit any level expertise. One largest ski resorts in the United States, Squaw Valley was the location of the rememberable 1960 Winter Olympics, boasting more than forty lifts and 270 trails. The resort attracts from than half-a-million visitors a year.

A scenic aerial tramway carries visitors up the 2000 foot to the High Camp, located at 8200 foot elevation above sea level. The peak at Granite Chief is near the legendary Donner Pass and receives up to forty feet of snowfall per winter. Aside from the fabulous skiing conditions, reset-goers can also enjoy skating, frisbee golf, shopping, and four-star dining. While winter is the prime season to visit Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadow, the summer also brings several exhilarating events. July brings accomplished musicians and yogis. Plus, for writers both pro and aspiring the summer also offers the Squaw Valley Community of Writers. This is a forty-five year tradition that draws writers of all genres. In addition to the artistic offerings, the resort also provides fun for those who enjoy their libations with their music with the Brews, Jazz, and Funk Fest, and Paws and Bluedays.

While the scenic beauty of the resort is a haven for skiers and lovers of wintertime sports, the possibilities are limited only by imagination.

Duda Melzer Continues To Innovate For The Future Of The RBS Group

It seems to be no coincidence that one of the most trusted advisors the RBS Group has been working with for almost 20 years is Professor John Davis of Harvard University; RBS showed they were one of the most innovative companies in South America when they became the first to employ the specialist in family businesses as an advisor in 1999. The grandson of RBS Group founder Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho also made his way to Harvard and graduated with an MBA in Business Administration in 2002; Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, also known as Duda, seems to have been on a career trajectory designed to bring him to the top of the RBS Group, a position he took on at the end of 2015.

Although he is well known as a member of the Sirotsky family who have now been in control of the RBS Group for three generations, Duda Melzer is also seen as an innovator who took the risk of moving to the U.S. to extend his education and experience in the media industry. Melzer is one of the key figures in following the advice and theories of Professor Davis and feels the management of any family business should remain professional and innovative at all times to achieve continued success.

Transparency is another area of business ethics that Duda Melzer is a strong believer in as he looks to embark upon a new era of success for the media corporation. Upon taking over as the leader of the company Duda Melzer looked to bring about the successful use of many of the theories of Professor John Davis in the day to day running of the company, including publishing the rules of excellence in governance Melzer follows at President of the company.

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Las Vegas AIr Conditioning Company Gives Back

The significantly warm summer months in the Las Vegas area make the need for reliable air conditioning a practical necessity. This is even more the case for individuals, such as the elderly, who are prone to heat exhaustion during periods of extreme heat. While air conditioning installation and repair can be expensive, one Las Vegas area HVAC firm has proven that they are willing to forgo payment in situations of serious need.
Goettl Air Conditioning and The Sunny Plumber: Good Deed Brings Cool Relief

In recent news, a 94-year old woman in Las Vegas that was relying on small window air conditioners in her trailer suffered a potentially major setback when both units broke down. After receiving multiple quotes that the repairs would cost in excess of $10,000, an unaffordable amount, she contacted Goettl Air Conditioning. Goettl Air Conditioning made a very generous offer when they offered to repair the units for free, which immediately made her home a safe place to live again.

The Goettl Air Conditioning company has a long history of providing excellent service in the Las Vegas area. The company provides a number of A/C services, including the installation of new units and the repair of existing units. The company was first founded in the late 1930s by Adam Goetti and Gust Goetti.

While the company operated successfully in Las Vegas for decades, the recession and housing crisis in Las Vegas forced the company to leave the area temporarily in the mid 2000s. However, after taking a hiatus from operations in the Las Vegas area, the Goetti Air Conditioning company reemerged in the Las Vegas area in 2015 and since then has been rebuilding its reputation by providing excellent service, installing only the highest-quality products, and finding ways to give back the community.

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Stephen Murray Concludes His Life with an Impressive Resume

Stephen “Steve” P. Murray was an equity investor and philanthropist. He was born August 2, 1962, and died March 12, 2015, at the age of fifty-two. Although Stephen Murray died at a younger age than most, he was able to accomplish more than most do in a lifetime. Murray was president and chief executive officer of CCMP Capital. CCMP Capital was a company that primarily focused on buyout and growth equity transactions.

Before his career began, he attended Boston College where he graduated in 1984 with a degree in economics. Then in 1989, Murray decided to pursue his education at Columbia Business School where he earned his master’s degree in business administration.

With just his original economics degree in 1984, Murray was able to secure himself a spot in the credit analyst training program at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. Following his five years with the Manufacturers Hanover Corporation, Murray joined MH Equity Corporation in 1989 after he graduated with his master’s degree in business administration.  Read more: Exclusive: CCMP Capital CEO Stephen Murray leaves firm

According to Fortune, After almost fifteen years involved with that company Murray In 2005, Murray became head of buyout business at JP Morgan Partners. This is when he really began to make a name for himself. Finally, in 2007 he became CEO of CCMP, which is a global private equity firm. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

Throughout Murray’s career, he served on the board of many majoring companies, including Aramark, Generac Power Systems, AMC Entertainment, Warner Chilcott, The Vitamin Shoppe, Cabela’s, Pinnacle Foods, and Legacy Hospital Partners. A pretty impressive resume for sure.

Murray resigned from his position at CCMP Capital Advisors just a month prior to his death due to health concerns. There were not many details readily available when it came to the death of Stephen Murray, but it definitely saddened not only his co-workers but his family and friends as well.


Easy Online Reputation Management Tips

Online browsing first started on August 6th, 1991. Nobody expected it to become popular, nobody expected there to be entire degrees devoted to learning online, and nobody expected what would become a multi-million-dollar business. Flash forward to now, where technology is booming and the web is becoming bigger than ever before. Businesses can no longer afford to avoid the reality that is the internet. Social media is more popular than ever before, and a great way to get free traffic to your business. Here are some free tips for your online reputation management.
• Hire someone devoted to your online presence. Don’t try and do it yourself. Avoid that. If you can, hire someone who can do your online SEO presence and your online social media presence, if not hire them separately. Make sure to update your Yelp, Google Plus and other business profiles on a regular basis. Facebook and Yelp are especially important as these are the two that people go to the most often.

• Make sure your first page of Google search sources is clean. Most people will not go beyond the first page of Google for information. This is where having multiple web domains and pages can come in handy, and a talented search engine optimization expert can help you with this.

• Ask customers for feedback early. Ask customers for feedback often. Take the time to understand how your business is doing. Don’t neglect negative feedback. Do what you can to make it right.

• Manage the image of your CEO and high-ranked business officials. You don’t want a scandal among them. They will represent your business, so make sure their image is clean as well.

• Don’t stop monitoring. Always make sure that the search histories are clean, reliable and dependable.

Never hesitate to start managing your online business reputation. What are you waiting for? Start your online business reputation clean-up today. Learn more here.

Businesswoman Susan McGalla Was Born To Lead

Businesswoman and CEO Susan McGalla is one of the highest-performing corporate females who have climbed their way up through the ranks. At the age of 52, she has not only run three Fortune 500 companies, she also owns a firm that focuses on helping other companies strive.

The East Liverpool, Ohio native was born to succeed. Her father, also a high school football coach, always instilled in Susan McGalla the importance of having good principles and a drive to be the best you can be. Failure was not an option.

After graduating from Mount Union College, Susan McGalla went to work for Joseph Horne Company. She worked in a variety of managerial positions and got her first taste of sexism. “I saw that there were very few women in the boardroom,” said McGalla. After she felt she had done her work, she moved on to American Eagle Outfitters on It didn’t take long for her to be named CEO. Again, she dealt with misogyny, resentments and outdated attitudes by some of her male counterparts. While some women would have thrown in the towel, McGalla took it as an opportunity to thrive.

“As the old saying goes, you have to be twice as good as a man.” McGalla proved to be an excellent role model and someone women could admire. After moving on to Wet Seal Inc., McGalla was already a proven professional. But after a year of so with the company, she decided it wasn’t the right fit for her and she moved on.

McGalla founded P3 Consultants in 2009 on Bloomberg. It was a tremendous opportunity to help others get their careers and companies back on the path to success. She serves on the board of directors of many companies including Magee Women’s Hospital, the University of Pittsburgh and the Allegheny Conference on Human Development. One of her most treasured positions is with the Pittsburgh Steelers organization.

McGalla says she feels incredibly blessed. She’s worked very hard and made a number of sacrifices to get where she is today. Her goal is to help every women that she can climb that corporate ladder and break the glass ceiling. “If I can do it, anyone can,” said McGalla. You just have to know how to navigate the waters.” Reference:

Laidlaw Continues Legal Action Against Relmada Therapeutics

The legal system is effective. But nobody would maintain that it’s easy to understand. That’s why I decided to look a bit more in depth after seeing some news about a legal dispute involving medical research and an investment bank. These two groups might not seem to have much in common. But the more I looked into the case the more I saw how intricately linked they are. And it became increasingly apparent why the research firm, Relmada Therapeutics, was able to issue a temporary restraining order and associated injunction against Laidlaw and Company. I think one of the main reasons for being able to do so simply comes down to the complexity of the case. It’d be quite easy to muddy the waters and confuse people with misleading information.

At the same time, the more I thought about it the more I was able to see multiple sides to the case. Laidlaw was obviously in a difficult position when it came to funding Relmada Therapeutics. I know that medical research can be something of a gamble. There’s the initial costs to develop a new medicine. Then there’s a huge investment after that to actually test it for various different conditions. And even after that one simply has to hope that it’s strong enough to be competitive in the market.

To get a better understanding of the case I wanted to learn more about Laidlaw. And the first thing I found out was also one of the most impressive. I was outright shocked to see that they’d been around since 1842. That, combined with presence in multiple countries, painted a very impressive picture of the company.

But it was really the human face of Laidlaw which made the best impression on me. Matthew Eitner and James Ahern were both featured quite prominently within Laidlaw’s site. This in turn really convinced me that they’re convinced that it represents their interests. And the biography information on both men had enough altruistic works to convince me in turn that they had noble intentions. It paints a picture of a company trying to do the right thing even under difficult circumstances.

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