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Premium Brands Take the Pet Food Industry By Storm

What are some ways to take better care of a dog’s health? A recent Daily Herald provided some food for thought. Actually, the articles reveals more than food for “thought”. The article suggests some food for purchasing. Specifically, the article casts a light on the premium dog food world. Premium dog food is intended to provide much better and healthier selections for beloved pets.

Purinastore’s Beneful brand presents some very interesting wet foods. Some are based on American favorites and others are born of Italian cuisine. Beneful does offer a lot of unique wet meal selections that definitely do catch people’s eyes. Being eye-catching definitely aids a brand in the sales category.

Beneful does more than come up with catchy names and unique recipes for its dry and wet foods. Beneful makes foods with proteins, carbs, and fats intended to help support a balanced diet. The presence of green vegetables, grains, and more show Beneful wants the recipes to deliver helpful nutritional support.

Premium brand dogs foods have arrived to satiate dog and dog owner needs for better foods. Traditional dog food brands loaded with fillers do keep a pet from going hungry, but they are not all that great from a nutritional perspective. Premium brands want to support better nutrition. Gourmet meals help pet owners do what is required to meet a dog’s dietary requirements. Those requirements are not going to be met with cheap-grade dog foods.

To say pet owners are embracing premium dog foods would be a major understatement. Sales on premium brands are exceeding $10 billion per year, a staggering figure to be sure. The figures do show consumers are happy with the products they have been purchasing. Sales figures would not grow every year if consumers did not feel premium brands offered something special.

Major retail stores are definitely helping with the growth of those figures. Dog lovers are no longer left with the sole option of visiting a specialty store to buy premium dog food. Top retail chains stock them in ample aplenty on shelves. Easier access absolutely contributes to the expanded sales figures.


The Seven Fashion Staples of Kate Middleton

Britain’s Princess Kate Middleton has a specific style that she keeps to. She does so by having seven fashion staples that she sticks to like glue to glitter. Since many people admire her fashion sense here’s a breakdown of her fashion staples so you can replicate them if you so wish to revamp your closet to look somewhat like Princess Kate’s wardrobe. Although none of us “peasants” will have a closet quite like Kate Middleton’s closet. Her closet must look akin to something out of a Barbie cartoon.

The first fashion staple of Kate’s is she seems to prefer her coats long and belted. She also seems to have a long coat in every color of the rainbow. The second staple is she likes to not only wear belts on her coats, but also belts on her dresses and suit dresses. The belt look cinches around her slim waist which shows it off to it’s best advantage, which is probably why she prefers the belted look. The third fashion rule of thumb Kate sticks to is keeping to a knee length for her skirts, dresses and coats. Her fourth beauty staple is lace dresses, typically with three quarter sleeves. Number five is matching fascinators (aka decorative headpiece similar to a really fancy hat) that pair up with her outfits perfectly in color. Six is Kate Middleton prefers sensible and comfortable shoes for her everyday use and she even re-wears them. The seventh fashion staple Kate sticks to is to sometimes wear something completely surprising and different than what she usually wears.

If you like the seven fashion staples Kate Middleton keeps to you could get similar fashion at JustFab. JustFab is an online, subscription based fashion retailer. To shop from them you need to join as a VIP JustFab member. The JustFab collections you’d likely want to shop from the most to mimic the Princess Kate Middleton look include: working women, minimalist story, brunch wear and many other items on JustFab as well.

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White Shark Media Takes All Complaints Seriously


White Shark Media is establishing itself as one the newer players on the PPC and search engine marketing industry. The company has added a number of clients since its founding. The company grew quickly, and this may have lead to management and SEM specialists being unprepared to handle the workload. Clients have logged a few complaints at White Shark Media, and the company is not ignoring these concerns. Instead, White Shark Media is doing the best job possible to address any complaint issues.

White Shark Media does handle a number of different duties, and all tasks are intended to help a business achieve greater success with online marketing. Complete and total Bing and Google Adwords management is the main service. Other work-for-hire includes logo design and website customization. Various evaluations of PPC and SEO-related undertaking can be performed.

White Shark Media, however, does not engage in any search engine optimization work such as link building, key word integration, and the like. A complaint customers have is they wish the company would offer SEO services.

White Shark Media is not offering search engine optimization work this time, and the enterprise wants potential clients to understand this. The company does provide the aforementioned SEO evaluation duties, which can be examined when seeking out a search engine optimization company to work with.

Customers had one complaint the company did not likely anticipate. When first contacting White Shark Media, would-be customers deal with sales representatives. These representatives help ascertain the client’s needs, and then help the customer select the appropriate package deal to purchase. Afterwards, customers are assigned a SEM specialist.

Customers were not thrilled with losing contact with the person they first dealt with. Having access to the SEM specialist and the initial contact employee allows clients to better get needs met. So, White Shark Media now keeps the lines of communications open between the client and the original point of contact.

White Shark Media has also hired SEM managers. The managers oversee a small team of SEM specialists. This way, the SEM specialists are better able to perform more efficiently in their job.

Other steps to improve communications have been devised. No longer does the company rely on a single “all-purpose” phone line. SEM specialists and other employees have their own direct extensions. This allows clients to reach the specialists easier. Also, monthly web-streaming meetings are run through the GoToMeeting service. Clients and SEM specialists discuss all the various aspects of a campaign during these meetings. Better communications cuts down on confusion and other woes.

White Shark Media takes all customer concerns seriously. The company even published a lengthy article about customer complaints on its blog. The blog reveals all the steps being taken to improve operations. In doing so, White Shark Media deserves more than a small amount of praise.

A Fight Of Two Towns Comes To An End

Community politics can be a difficult arena to navigate. This difficulty is compounded when the community involved offers beautiful landscapes and a plethora of winter activities and is adjacent to a similar small community. The people of North Tahoe are very well aware of these issues. For the past couple of years an incorporation effort has been in effect for the Squaw Valley and Alpine ski resort communities.

For four years the attempt has been made to incorporate the two communities into one. The Squaw Valley CEO Andy Wirth and some of his backers have been fighting this effort. To top things off the state of the natural environment has been serving blows to the Tahoe area ski resorts with lower than average snow fall.

Mother Nature has eased some of the natural issues with early snow pack this year which has driven visitor traffic and bumped lower than average past sales in the area. Mr. Wirth has also realized a success when backers of the incorporation effort withdrew their petition in the past weeks.

Mr. Wirth has extensive experience running major businesses. He is an avid sportsman who has recently had a pretty horrific skydiving accident which required major surgery. He has a solid understanding of the political tides that can alter the business atmosphere of a community and this is why he adamently opposed the incorporation.

As Wirth explained to the Reno Gazette Journal an incorporation would have thrown off the entire balance of both communities. Services that were once taken for granted would be scaled back and some may even be eliminated. The two communities would have a single governmental base for both locations. This would also pose a problem because those individuals presently serving in those governments would face losing their position in order to streamline the two communities into one.

The dropping of the incorporation now allows Wirth to focus on his efforts to put a gondola between Alpine and Squaw Valley. This gondola project would make access to the two major ski resorts easier. One could start at one resort, cross over to the other resort and ski both areas. This effort would be a collaboration between the two resorts and would allow one universal lift ticket and admission as well.

Many claim that Wirth only opposed the incorporation because of this gondola project. He states that this is not true. His motivations were solely to preserve the infrastructure of both towns. The gondola project was and is a totally different issue and those that are focusing on this when dealing with the incorporation issues are solely trying to detract from the overall agenda.

For now Ady Wirth remains the CEO of Squaw Valley and is successfully enhancing their level of profits and customer satisfaction.

U.S. Navy Memorial Being Built Thanks To U.S. Money Reserve

The 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor is this year, so to commemorate the lives lost and the men and women who serve in sea services, a statue will be built in Hawaii. The Lone Soldier Statue was originally designed by Stanley Bleifeld. The original statue is standing in the center of Washington, D.C. The site of the original statue is Market Square, which was the site chosen jointly by the U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation and the Pennsylvania Avenue Development Corporation in the spring of 1977. The group chose Conklin Rossant as the architects for the original statue of the Lone Sailor.

The 75th memorial statue will be placed in Hawaii. It is a joint venture of the U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation and the U.S. Money Reserve. The project is being privately funded, as the original was privately funded as well. The U.S. Money Reserve is donating a large portion of the funds that are being allocated for this statue. The funding that the U.S. Money Reserve is donating comes out of the money made from selling their one of a kind gold and silver coins that commemorate the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor’s attacks.

In a Kusi article, the President of the U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation speaks about the statue being constructed in Hawaii. The president is a retired Vice Admiral of the Navy, so he has a strong tie to the loyalty that this statue stands to represent. He is quoted in saying that the statue will represent “the remembrance of the greatest generation who went on to win this war.”

The original model for this statue was Rear Admiral William Thompson, who secured funding for its construction and placement. His name appears on the side bag of the 7 foot tall bronze statue. The funding for this round is part of the U.S. Money Reserve’s charitable donation to commemorate a generation of heroes. The U.S. Money Reserve has been serving America with the highest authenticity of gold, silver and other precious metal for over a decade. The Yahoo News article has more information about this honorable project.

Andy Wirth Survives Skydiving Accident

When Andy Wirth woke up in October 2013, he did not know that the events of that day would change his life completely. He was going for skydiving that fateful afternoon as usual. He has always been a good player of the game for years, and playing gives him the satisfaction he longs for. While in the sky he started looking for a place to land, but unfortunately, he could not get any. Because he was already too far from home, he decided to land in the nearest place he could. Unfortunately, he found himself in a vineyard. The place had wires and sharp pointed ends that caused trauma in his right arm.

Andy was fortunate enough to get rescued in time before losing his life. He used his skills to stay alive in the jungle, and all the time, he was calm, until help arrived. The arm was severely injured, and to stay alive, several surgeries had to be performed. His wife and family were supportive all through the time while he was in the hospital. During this time, he appreciated what family means. He was discharged after three months, but he wasn’t able to play as he had anticipated. He had to undergo a lot of therapy to get healed completely.

He was however allowed to continue working. The RENO authority appointed him to work as the CEO and president of Squaw Valley, an organization found in Lake Tahoe. In this position, his, main responsibility was to ensure that the resort is the best for tourist attraction all over the world. He was also given the responsibility of taking care of the whole Lake Tahoe communities, improving the infrastructure around the area.

However, while working for Squaw Valley, the journey has not been a walk in the park. The skydiver has had to endure tough times while working as the CEO of the resort. The first challenge was a lack of rains in the whole Lake Tahoe area. This meant that Squaw Valley could not operate as usual. The people around the area had started several businesses that depended on the resort, and they too were affected when the rains did not come as expected. To add more salt in the injury, the area was not politically stable all through -out the past year. There was a group advocating for the incorporation of Olympic Valley, the place that houses Squaw Valley and several other resorts. This affected the whole community, including Andy Wirth.

Andy Wirth can now afford a smile after the rains decided to come early. Apart from that, the incorporation of Olympic Valley did not succeed, bringing an end to the many sleepless nights Andy had to endure.

Published through the Reno Gazette-Journal.

Olympic Valley Incorporation: A Failed Effort

Andy Wirth was born in 1963 in West Germany. He then came over to the United States and got a Bachelor of Science from Colorado State University. He worked extensively in the outdoors in Colorado and New Mexico. He served as a ranger in the Rocky Mountain National Park and San Pedro Parks Wilderness Area. He also worked to put out wildfires in norther New Mexico. After this, for over 20 years, Wirth worked in marketing for the company Steamboat, which is now known as Intrawest. It was due to all of these years of experience that he was asked to be the CEO and President of Squaw Valley ski resort. He led the resort through 70 million dollars worth of upgrades to their facilities. He also led the acquisition of nearby Alpine Meadows Ski Resort in 2011.

Andy Wirth is also well known for his philanthropic efforts. He supports several local Tahoe organizations that are geared towards environmental and community service concerns. These organizations include, The Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation Community House, Girls on the Run Sierra Chapter and the Human Society of Tahoe Truckee. Wirth has also served on the boards of several organizations, including National Ski Areas Board of Directors, Tahoe Fund Board of Directors and Lake Tahoe Winter Olympics Committee.

Recently, Andy Wirth has been embroiled in an argument about the land authority. The Reno Gazette-Journal covered the highlights of the story in a recent article. In the story, the RGJ explained that there were parties who had been interested in incorporating Olympic Valley. They raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to push for this change. Their argument was the the people of Olympic Valley should get a say in what happens to their land rather than the Placer Country Board of Supervisors, who all live in the Sacramento Suburbs.

However, Andy Wirth felt differently. He also spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in an effort to oppose incorporation. Wirth explained that he only wanted to do what was best for the city. But, he warned, if incorporation does occur, residents and businesses will be forced to pay much higher taxes. There would also be fewer of the services that they depend on every year, like road maintenance and snow plowing. The other problem with incorporation that concerned Wirth was the fact that they would no longer be a part of their surrounding community, with whom they pool resources in order to face regional challenges, especially expensive services that are required when living in the climate and environment that they are situation in. Andy Wirth was able to get his point across and incorporation did not go through.

A Crisis: Words From George Soros

There’s a lot going on in the world right now, and though the USA fronts many of the traction and world wide attention in politics and economics, it’s Europe who stands to be most affected by the circumstances. War is occurring on the horizon, and none of it stands to undermine the United States.

This is a recap of the views expressed by none other than George Soros.

The stage where these battles constantly take place day to day is in the Middle East, and ramifications evolving tell a story of challenges the EU must face alone. That is if the EU unites and faces them at all. Time can only tell.

It’s a conundrum of political resources at play and how they affect the greater world. Specifically, the rally and increasing number of refugees poses a great threat to the way democracy will behave. Leading the pack in what is becoming a gloomy prophecy for the EU is George Soros. The self-made billionaire is skeptical of how the European Union will handle the crises at hand.

Mr. Soros built his billion dollar empire as a hedge fund manager beginning his own fund after the lowly position of server and railroad worker. He is now among the richest men in the modern world and a Forbes favorite. The self-made investor sees a dark future for the EU and suggests it currently faces multiple threats all at once.

That the public European opinion is shaky due to events like that on Paris fuels George Soros’ conviction of utter peril to befall upon the EU. He sees his own history as a common ground enabling him to sympathize and objectify Europe’s situation at hand. The investment mogul survived the Holocaust and in fact escaped Hungary during Nazi occupation of World War II.

Major threats seen by the billionaire also include the complications of an open society among Eastern Europe. This is an area where the acceptance of other nations and culture is stagnant–purposing little implications of openness as self interests is the driven motive of those countries involved.

They include Hungary and Poland: two countries that George Soros sees as calamity slowly brewing. That the euro crisis continues to loom, Soros feels Europe’s economy has now become one of, “. …debtors and creditors,” whereas, policy and expectations are being stablished by the creditors.

The mix of refugees flooding the continent only stands to exasperate conditions thereby exposing the EU and its economy to tremulous conditions. Even in this refugee crisis, George Soros believes the countries among the European Union are acting only in each’s best interest and therefore will inevitably clash in agenda.

The crisis, then, only escalates as we are encouraged to believe.