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One Life to Live Lives on With Fans

In 2012, the last episode of One Live to Live brought tears to the eyes of fans who have followed the show, many since its debut episode in 1968. Due to fan demand, the series continued for another year in webisode format, ending production in 2013. According to an article by Michael Fairman, a soap opera expert and writer, the shows original title of OLTL was going to be Between Heaven and Hell.

Although One Life to Live, became the series’ official title, the diverse characters of Llanview did enjoy heavenly love affairs and many very hellish experiences. These wild rides to the underworld were courtesy of the machinations of tragic villains such as the scheming Todd Manning, the often institutionalized Allison Perkins, and the blonde and beautiful stalker Stacy Morasco.

The character of Stacy Morasco was so popular with contemporary fans as she was a sociopathic stripper from Las Vegas with a seriously fatal attraction for reformed con artist Rex Balsam. Sparks flew when Stacy followed Rex to Llanview to wreck havoc, and the relationship of her sibling rival, Gigi. Stacy was presumed dead, came back to life in true soap opera style, and then finally died in 2012. Fans enjoyed every minute of the roller coaster ride provided by this talented young soap star.

The actress who played Stacy from 2009-2012 was the talented and versatile Crystal Hunt. Despite her age, Ms. Hunt was a veteran actress before she joined OLTL. She won fans hearts as poor little rich girl Lizzie Spaulding on CBSs Guiding Light from 2003 to 2006, a role for which she was nominated for an Emmy. Meanwhile, she was juggling her daytime TV drama schedule with roles in movies such as Sydney White and Derby Stallion.

After leaving One Life to Live in 2012, Crystal Hunt has gone on to garner critical acclaim for her roles in Magic Mike XXL and 23 Blast. IN 2014 she co-produced a film entitled Talbot County, with her longtime friend Dania Ramirez. One of her most recent projects involved her playing the role of an actress teaming up with other women in Queens of Drama, a sexy primetime drama that portrays the world of television drama both in front of and behind the camera.  Follow Crystal on Instagram to keep following her career.

One Life To Live may be off the air; however, the long running soap’s dramatic portrayal of rich and poor heroes, misguided villains, and other mixed up characters, living and loving in the small town of Llanview, PA, are still fondly remembered by soap fans everywhere.

Beneful’s Amazing Dog Foods

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