Who Needs a Slyce Of Visual Search?

Visual search technology is making waves in all industries and product recognition has become the new “it” trend. The reason behind this is simple – people love everything that is visual because it saves effort. For instance, instead of reading through thousand words of instructions on how to make a 5 strand braid, people would rather watch a step by step video or better, a picture that illustrates all the steps quite neatly. This is because human brains respond better to visual cues and it also makes huge chunks of data easier to digest. This is where companies like Slyce come into the picture.

When it comes to fashion everything is visual. Whether it is about glorious bohemian patterns or eclectic colors, people simply find it hard to describe certain things. For instance, it is a popular saying that “everyone has a cerise”. This means that as a color, everyone has a different idea of what cerise should look like. Some see it with red undertones while others think it is more pink than red. In truth, cerise can be what the brand wants it to be. A simple search on a search engine reveals different shades of this color. So, what does one do when they want “cerise leggings” in the exact same shade that they saw on a person walking down the street? They use visual search technology.

With visual search, all people need to do is use the existing photo app on their smartphones. When they click a picture, the visual recognition app directs them to products that are exactly similar or close enough to a picture they have clicked. Also, it directs them to nearest retailers or online shopping sites where the thing can be bought. For both business and consumers, this is great news.

Businesses can use visual search technology to push their products forward and get ahead of the big players in the market. They can also generate some brand awareness for their amazing products. Consumers, on the other hand, are sick and tired of making a compromise when it comes to their favorite fashion products. They can finally get the exact products they want and, in most cases, end up paying a lot less.

Slyce got into the visual search and search recognition business early on because the company clearly saw some potential in this technology.

Slyce has now become to visual search what Facebook has become for social media – you can’t think of one without thinking of the other. The Slyce app allows retailers to spread the word about their products in an effortless way and the best thing of all is – there is no need for additional hardware to jump on the visual search bandwagon with Slyce.

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