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John Textor: The Man Behind the Virtual Michael Jackson

John Textor, Executive Chairman of Pulse Evolution Corporation is known for such movies as The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, and Transformers. So, although you’ve probably heard his name, you may not know much about the man himself.

Before the Fame

In 1987 John Textor received his Bachelor of Arts degree in economics from Wesleyan University. Ten years after graduation (in 1996) he became the co-founder of Managing Partner of Wyndcrest Holdings, which is a private equity firm in Florida. He then went on to become the CEO of The Parent Company and BabyUniverse (an online children’s retailer) in 2005. This experience has served him well over the years, although it’s not what he’s famous for today.

The Fame Itself

In 2006 John Textor became CEO of the Digital Domain Media Group. This is the company who’s done visual effects for over 80 large-scale feature films, 25 of which were under his leadership. These films include Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, Real Steel, Transformers, and Tron: Legacy. His company even received an Academy Award for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, a movie that also received the Achievement in Visual Effects award in 2009. While successful at the Digital Domain Media Group, he eventually moved on to become Pulse Evolution Corporation’s executive chairman.

The Man Behind the Virtual Michael Jackson

John Textor is also a successful producer. He worked on Ender’s Game and Art Story, but what he’s best known for here is producing virtual reality versions of Michael Jackson for the 2014 Billboard Music Awards, Tupac Shakur at the Coachella Valley Music Festival 2012, as well as Elvis Presley, and Marilyn Monroe. Under his leadership as the Executive Chairman of Pulse Evolution Corporation (PLFX) the company created these holographic images. The company itself is the leading developer of hyper-realistic humans. They use these in holographic live performances, artificial intelligence, as well as both virtual and augmented reality.

Textor himself is widely regarded as the pioneer of this new industry, which is known as holographic entertainment. This new industry has secured him pop culture status. In fact, he South Park television show parodied Textor and his partner, Frank Patterson (CEO of Pulse Evolution Corporation ), on their hologram episodes. Together they’ve also come to be known as the conjurers of Michael Jackson’s ghost.


At the age of fifty, Susan McGalla is a woman to reckon with. She has overcome many hurdles to become one of the leading businesswomen in the world. She hails from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. During the 1980s, Susan worked in a variety of marketing and managerial bodies. These was her stepping stone to the business world. She later on started working at American Eagle as a divisional merchandise buyer for women’s clothing. She also worked in various managerial positions until she was promoted to the president of the company. These entailed being the chief merchandising officer.

From then on, there was no stopping Susan McGalla on ireport.cnn. She worked hard and has so far achieved the position of the director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Pittsburg Steelers. Other companies that she has worked with so far are, being a director on the board of HFF Inc. She then went on to succeed the chief executive officer, Ed Thomas of Wet Seal Inc. Before being appointed by Pittsburg Steelers, Susan McGalla founded the P3 Executive Consulting.

In a family of five, Susan McGalla learnt all there is to be united. These have led her to being one of the top women holding leadership positions. She was born and raised with her two brothers in Easy Liverpool, Ohio. Her father instilled the spirit of teamwork in her as portrayed by his role as a local football coach. As a hard worker, McGalla was able to surpass all expectations. She attended the Mount Union College where she graduated with a degree in business and marketing.
These led her to be a leading consultant to clients when it comes to branding, marketing, talent management, operational efficiencies and so much more. Susan McGalla has voiced her views on women’s leadership roles in business and society. Many of her talks include the key point of ensuring that all work done should be done in an unbiased environment where one is reminded there is no entitlement expected. McGalla always reminds women that they should work with diligence if they want to make a change in the world.

When it comes to confidence, Susan McGalla has plenty of it. These is an attribute that she encourages a woman to work on. These, as she has stated, helps her when it comes to dealing with both men and women in her business ventures. She hopes that women will sharpen their skills in business to prosper.

Who Needs a Slyce Of Visual Search?

Visual search technology is making waves in all industries and product recognition has become the new “it” trend. The reason behind this is simple – people love everything that is visual because it saves effort. For instance, instead of reading through thousand words of instructions on how to make a 5 strand braid, people would rather watch a step by step video or better, a picture that illustrates all the steps quite neatly. This is because human brains respond better to visual cues and it also makes huge chunks of data easier to digest. This is where companies like Slyce come into the picture.

When it comes to fashion everything is visual. Whether it is about glorious bohemian patterns or eclectic colors, people simply find it hard to describe certain things. For instance, it is a popular saying that “everyone has a cerise”. This means that as a color, everyone has a different idea of what cerise should look like. Some see it with red undertones while others think it is more pink than red. In truth, cerise can be what the brand wants it to be. A simple search on a search engine reveals different shades of this color. So, what does one do when they want “cerise leggings” in the exact same shade that they saw on a person walking down the street? They use visual search technology.

With visual search, all people need to do is use the existing photo app on their smartphones. When they click a picture, the visual recognition app directs them to products that are exactly similar or close enough to a picture they have clicked. Also, it directs them to nearest retailers or online shopping sites where the thing can be bought. For both business and consumers, this is great news.

Businesses can use visual search technology to push their products forward and get ahead of the big players in the market. They can also generate some brand awareness for their amazing products. Consumers, on the other hand, are sick and tired of making a compromise when it comes to their favorite fashion products. They can finally get the exact products they want and, in most cases, end up paying a lot less.

Slyce got into the visual search and search recognition business early on because the company clearly saw some potential in this technology.

Slyce has now become to visual search what Facebook has become for social media – you can’t think of one without thinking of the other. The Slyce app allows retailers to spread the word about their products in an effortless way and the best thing of all is – there is no need for additional hardware to jump on the visual search bandwagon with Slyce.

The Relevance of Understanding Environmental Laws

To have a clean and habitable environment, everyone needs to take the responsibility of ensuring all activities that can lead to the destruction of the environment are minimized. Although most people may not find this useful, laws have been developed to govern the environment and to offer protection against harmful human activities. Environmental laws are meant to offer a solution to the preservation of all components of the environment. With more companies getting established each day, pollution has increased, something that has attracted the attention of many nations to come up with regulations that will help to control the type of processes that are used in the manufacturing industries.

The first process in controlling and securing the environment is estimating the extent of damage that is bound to occur if certain activities proceed without regulation. This helps the government to set up mechanisms to regulate the use of certain processes if it is established they are the main cause for pollution in certain regions. Therefore, industries may not be in a position to implement certain plans if some laws stipulate they should not use some materials. Some of these environmental laws are universal, so the state may not interfere with what the law requires of them.

Disposal of waste materials has been an issue for many years. This has been aggravated by the fact the vice is propagated by well established companies that can afford a purification process before waste is released to the environment. This has seen some major firms lose their legitimacy to proceed with operations. Some have been forced to close operations after legal action is taken for violating environmental laws. It is right to ensure disposal is done with respect to what the law states, and that all matter that is disposed should be treated accordingly to ensure the materials do not leave drastic effects to the environment.

Frans Schoeman on slideshare, director at the Phatsima Diamond, a South African based law firm has been offering guidance and advice on matters that revolve around environmental law. Frans Schoeman is an accomplished attorney, who has managed to handle corporate law and laws that relate with the protection of the environment. His skills and experience has allowed many firms to understand the reasons following the guidelines outlined in the environmental law are necessary. The preservation of the environment calls for all stakeholders to remain vigilant to any parties that seem to breach the requirements of the law because the effects are far reaching.

The purity of water has been especially addressed in most environmental laws in a manner that seeks to offer a solution to the ever increasing rate of pollution among water bodies. Companies that are found to channel harmful wastes to water sources have been cautioned to come up with alternative strategies as this has caused many sea animal species to extinct. The enforcement of these laws has cost many defaulters millions and some have landed in jail for violating simple rules that are mandatory for any human being to follow.

Lime Crime: The Future of Makeup?

Makeup is about more than covering up acne, or hiding that scar on the side of your nose. It’s about making sure the person you are on the outside matches the person you are on the inside. When it comes to expressing your individuality, and making sure that you have a unique look that won’t be mistaken or forgotten, Lime Crime from dollskill is the brand you need.

What is Lime Crime?

The short version is that Lime Crime is a makeup brand that provides people with the tools to express themselves. Eyes, lips, nails, and more are all in the company’s catalog, and colors range from the natural to the surreal. All of their looks are vibrant, and they’re sure to pop in a variety of settings. So whether someone wants to make themselves over completely, or they just want to add a splash to their work wardrobe, Lime Crime is a flexible solution.

In addition to offering makeup in tones, colors, and styles that the mainstream typically doesn’t cater to, Lime Crime also ensures quality in its cruelty-free products. There’s no reason to make any other creatures suffer for your beauty, which is a message that Lime Crime has put forth to raise the bar for the industry’s standards. The result is a guilt-free way to paint and color, mend and mold, until the person looking out of the mirror is exactly who you want the world to see.

A Dream Come True

Lime Crime might be the ideal makeup for users, but it’s also a dream come true for the company’s founder. Doe Deere, the company’s CEO, started Lime Crime with no more than a few hundred bucks in her pocket, and a desire to make something real out of her dreams. Today Lime Crime has grown into a bigger, brighter reality than she could have hoped, providing a product that serious fans and causal users alike wouldn’t dream of doing without. It’s why Doe Deere often tells people not to give up on their daydreams, as she says on her site, because you never know what those dreams will grow into.

If, that is, you feed them, care for them, and you’re willing to help them grow into something much bigger than they started as.

Stephen Murray, a former CEO of CCMP Capital

CCMP Capital is an investment firm. The firm started as the investment firm called Chemical Venture Partners on The investment had several names after that. The firm became CCMP Capital in 2006.

The firm manages buyouts and growth capital transactions. They have purchased 12 billion dollars in buyout and growth capital transactions. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital had ranked 17 as the world’s largest investment firm in 2007. They have about 50 workers in New York, London, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

CCMP has investments in other companies as well as J.P. Morgan Partners Global Fund. Some of the companies are Guitar Center, Inc., AMC Entertainment, Aramark, Medpace, Pinnacle Foods, Vetco, Puregym, Renovo, Triad Hospitals, Quiznos Subs, Berry Plastics, Bill Barrett Corporation, The Tennis Channel, Hanley Wood, and 1-800 Flowers.

CCMP had a CEO named Stephen Murray. Stephen Murray was a CEO at the firm in 2007. Stephen started working at Manufacturers Hoover Corporation. He was in the credit analyst training program there back then. Then that company became CCMP Capital a few years later. With him as CEO, he helped the firm to become a huge firm. He was on the board of some of the major companies CCMP had invested in. One of those companies was AMC Entertainment. One recent company he was on board of was Infogroup, Inc.

He gave the firm new ideas about investing.

Murray also part of the council of Make-A-Wish Foundation of Metro New York, and he was part of the trustees of Boston College. He also had received an economics degree from Boston College. He had a masters degree in business administration from Colombia Business School in 1989.

He died from an illness at the young age of 52 this past March. He had a wife and four children. Stephen Murray was a hardworking man who will be missed by everyone.

New Brunswick Is Upgrading To The 21st Century

With a rising skyline and a brand new image, New Brunswick, New Jersey is leaping into the 21st century. This, according to an article in the NJ Spotlight, is the culmination of 40 years of steady revitalization. City leaders have worked hard to remake New Brunswick into an alternative Cambridge. A lot of the heavy lifting in these efforts came from Boraie Development Corporation. Among other major projects for the city, Boraie did the architecture and construction of the beautiful high-rise Aspire building. The Aspire provides a safe, modern venue for both living and commerce at the center of the city, close to mass transit hubs. The opportunity to increase urban New Brunswick as a livable community of commuters to New York and Philadelphia was a concept that Boraie quickly capitalized upon.

The typical image outsiders have of New Brunswick is that it is a hanger-on of the heritage culture of past generations. And that it is the venerable home of Johnson & Johnson corporation and the renowned Rutgers University, as well as the country seat, and that it really never changes. But, the truth is that New Brunswick has steadily been in a process of upgrade. When the city increasingly became challenged by all the issues common to many cities in North America: plunging property values, volumes of immigration increasing, and jobs going away, the business leaders of New Brunswick met that challenge. Steady progress, over time, has remade the city into a significant academic and living center.

Credit must be given to both Johnson & Johnson and Rutgers for investing in local development plans and working to encourage valued private businesses to also commit to improved residential, commercial, and academic renovations to make the city’s environment generally more attractive. Thus, Boraie Development committed to assisting with these plans with the building of the Aspire. It offers hip, cool, and trendy Manhattan style Lofts with two bedrooms and the train station conveniently nearby. Each unit goes for a far lower price than similar units in New York. People living in the Aspire enjoy full kitchens, community lounge areas, a yoga center, a fitness center, a garden patio area on the roof, and even an ever-present doorman. Besides all this, Boraie built the Robert Wood Johnson Health and Wellness Plaza to assist in improving the rising urban living population’s levels of health and well being.

FreedomPop Wins Big With Investments

For start up companies there is little in life more important than the ability to drum up buzz and get investment money to start rolling in. In the crowded world of the Silicon Valley it can be impossible to stand apart from the rest of the pack without adequate financial backing. For a 2012 tech start up by the name of FreedomPop, the latest round of Series B investments could be quite the game changer.

FreedomPop is a freemium wireless mobile carrier. Their business plan essentially revolves around giving users a selected amount of completely free features with the goal of encouraging them to sign up for more later on. FreedomPop on usatoday, led by CEO Stephen Stokols, offers various enhanced plans that offer more features and protection from potential issues such as overcharged roaming data, phone insurance, and more. While the business plan itself is unique, it still needs to have adequate backing in order to push into the next level.

Thanks to European venture capitalists at Partech Ventures, FreedomPop was able to rake in an additional $30 million in investment dollars in order to expand the scope of what they are trying to do. For the past few months the company has been dogged by persistent rumors that they were attempting to sign an M&A agreement with one of several different high profile companies. The search and success in finding more investment money all but put the final nail in those rumors. CEO Stephen Stokols took to the airwaves to clear any misconceptions, stating that it was ‘premature to consider selling’ at this point in time.

Right now telecom companies are blowing up in an attempt to corner the market. You have giant companies like Comcast and AT&T desperately trying to buy as many small start ups as they can to corner the market on what they are trying to do. This put the focus on FreedomPop, who passed the 1 million subscriber mark this year, as they were a viable option to get consumed and incorporated into another bigger giant in the industry. With this climate in place it would have been easy for Stokols and Co. to sell and move on to another venture, however the fact that they did not speaks volumes on their perceived value.

With new money in the bank it appears that FreedomPop will be pushing forward in their attempt to expand to bigger parts of the planet. Right now the company is focused on a soft launch in the United Kingdom that will give their basic plan (200 minutes/2000 MB of data/200 text) via a SIM card installation. After that the company hopes to be launched in Southeast Asia by the end of 2015 or early 2016 at the latest.

Finding Wellness and Wholeness with Joseph Bismark

When you ascend to the highest points in your chosen career path you will probably incur a little bit of stress along the way. Those people chasing the corporate life of adventure and high living no doubt are familiar with the way that this stress and anxiety can wear them down whether they are in the office or in their beds at night. One man, the founding Director over at QI Group, has found a way to balance the stress and the way to properly live and his name is Joseph Bismark. In fact Bismark’s way of life is so invigorating that he landed himself a featured spot in asPire Magazine, as reported by Reuters.

When it comes to belaying stress and finding a bit of peace of mind the trick is knowing how to shrug it off of your shoulders. For Joseph Bismark this means a heavy emphasis on finding wholeness within the art and practice of Yoga and meditation. Bismark lives for Yoga and has trained at the Singapore School of Meditation and Yoga. After many years of training he has landed the title of Yoga Master and now shares his knowledge with students who come to him in person and in book format. Most recently Bismark has been deeply inhabiting, “Anatomy of Yoga: Instructor’s Inside Guide to Improving Your Poses” by Dr. Abigail Ellsworth.

When Joseph isn’t deep in meditation you can instead find him somewhere out in nature. Among his favorite means of exercise are cycling, swimming, and practicing “rip:60” with kettle bells. Cycling is one of the most effective full body work outs available and with just a bit of nice weather you can get in an effective workout. Joseph uses an app called “MapMyRide” in order to emphasize efficiency while on his bike. As far as kettle bells are concerned he uses these handled weights in a variety of different ways to work on his flexibility and endurance. All of these work outs at their core improve upon his endurance and stamina, thus allowing him to go those long hours at the office.

For those of us chasing the grind and working 40 to 50 hours a week it can be hard to work up the nerve to add in even more outside of the office. However, Bismark believes that it is important to do so. Bismark said, “activities keep us fit, they also help us conquer self-doubts and fears, to achieve the best version of ourselves.”

Steven P. Murray and His Leadership in CCMP Capital

CCMP Capital Advisers LLC, formerly known as J.P Morgan Partners is a private equity firm specializing in purchase and growth of equity funds. However, unlike many other equity investors, CCMP has concentrated its investments in only four key sectors of the economy on These are Healthcare, Retail, Industrial, and the Energy sectors.

The company was formed in 1984 in New York, United States. Over time, it has expanded its operations from just the United States to Europe and also established overseas offices there. Their headquarters however remain in New York.

The company received international recognition. It is currently ranked among the top 20 largest world private equity investment firms. This is a result of the company’s investments in over $12 Billion in leverage and growth capital.

This success that’s accumulated throughout its existence is a result of its dedicated and professional management. A key to the company’s success is its founding partner, immediate former President and Chief Executive Officer, the late Steven P. Murray. He joined active management of Stephen Murray CCMP Capital in 2005and became its CEO in 2007.

Murray was an accomplished entrepreneur with a keen interest and experience in the equity markets. He graduated with an Economics Degree from Boston College in 1984. He later enrolled at Columbia Business School where he attained a Masters Degree in Business Administration in 1989.

Before joining CCMP where he served until his demise, he served in other major companies such as the Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. This is the company he first worked with as a Credit Analyst. He, therefore, had much experience in matters finance. This is perhaps what made him a viable candidate for the CCMP top post.

Murray took over CCMP at a life-threatening stage of its existence, just after a break up of its founding partners. He, however, managed to maintain it on its feet without shaking the investor confidence. He helped organize a fundraising drive that saw the company acquire more than $3 Billion in commitments.

Another significant stride in his reign as the CEO of CCMP, the company closed sale of one of its subsidiaries Medpace. This is a pharmaceutical contract research institute that was sold for $900 million. This and many other achievements happened under his watch.

Murrays also sat on several other boards of other companies and firms in varied industries. Notable among these is Aramark and Generac Power Systems. He also supported other charity organizations such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation in which he was the chairman of the council.