Geto Boys Reunite

It rare for some groups to ever come back together once they break up. New Edition is a one-in-a-million type of deal. They reunited and have been performing together for years. Rap groups, however, are much different. That is why fans were incredibly surprised to see the Geto Boys speak of a reunion.

Scarface was one of the group members that is well-known for people in the rap world. He was recently on the Breakfast Club. He talked about how wild Bushwick Bill was. It was different for a group like this to come out of Texas at that time. They were the earlier pioneers of rap in Houston. The Geto Boys were before UGK and the entire chopped and screwed music that is prevalent in Texas now. Fans that grew up with the Geto Boys are wondering how this new music will sound. So much has changed since they have been on the scene.

Rap is certainly a young man’s game, but the hype surrounding this project could really help it if you as an old fan like Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. This could become the thing that brings some hype back to the sound in terms of rap around the world. Pimp C from UGK died so Underground Kingz no longer exists.

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