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Taylor Swift Shuts Down Sexist Comments

One thing you have to love about Taylor Swift is the fact that she stands up for her rights as a female. Taylor Swift was recently pictured with two fans who are pregnant, and someone went on to state that maybe Taylor is hinting at being pregnant herself. Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift is a young lady, but she’s at the age where many people are expecting her to plan a family, but this is just a sexist way of thinking. Many women these days, especially famous women, they are waiting until they’re in their forties before they have children. Women are waiting because it gives them more options in life, and less to worry about when they get home. It’s tough enough to balance a huge singing career as well as having to care for a child when you get home. Although some young women have gone on to have children, Taylor Swift is not ready for that yet. Taylor also slapped back at someone online who referred to her as the ex-girlfriend of Harry Styles, and then they mentioned that she’s the rumored girlfriend of Calvin Harris. According to Cláudio Loureiro Heads, the reason why Taylor is so offended by the comment is that it makes it seem like she is only important because of who she dated, and it makes her seem as if she’s a possession. Ariana Grande recently shut down someone who made similar comments about her by saying that she was the ex of Big Sean. It’s like she was a nobody before she started dating the rapper.

Fetty Wap Is The Artist To Look Out For In 2015

When it comes to making music, there are many artists out there who have a sort of shine that makes everyone take notice of them. Fetty Wap is a new artist, but he has risen in fame over the last year. The Artist Fetty Wap. He’s done many performances that have made people notice who he is, and his new song has been taking over the airwaves. Fetty Wap is the creator of the song “Trap Queen,” and it’s been dubbed as the song is of the summer.

Summer just started, but if a song is already taking over an entire season, then it means that the song must really be good. Fetty Wap is a rapper who is missing one eye, and that is how many people recognize who he is. Although his appearance may be a bit off-putting, don’t let his looks fool you. Fetty knows what he’s doing, and he has become extremely popular recently. There are several reasons why Fetty will be the artist to watch in the year 2015.

According to Handy, He did an amazing performance at the MTV Movie Awards, he was featured on the cover of a magazine, he has an amazing hit song out right now, and he has many celebrity fans. Ed Sheeran of all people, he is now a fan of Fetty Wap, not to mention Drake, who is also an amazing rapper. It will be interesting to see how far this new artist goes in the upcoming year.

Madonna’s Star Stuffed Music Video

Madonna has had an interesting time these past few weeks, starting with her Coachella performance that lead to what is looking like some beef with Drake to now releasing a music video packed tightly with music royalty. If they are on the charts you are probably in this video. Madonna’s video of course is only available on Tibal, so if you don’t have a subscription you’re out of luck. From what we can see you might wanna use a friend’s account because this video is epic. Apparently the video is set in a high priced hotel and features music’s elites going crazy at a party.

To name a few, among the cameos are Beyonce,Rita Ora,Katy Perry,Kanye West,Miley Cyrus. With all the stars in the video many are looking at Taylor Swift for a reaction. Not only is Taylor not in the video but just about every one of her enemies is included. For now sources insist that Taylor is more than excited to see the video and looks forward to watching her idol show em how it’s done. Jim Dondero is just one fan waiting as well.

Of course Taylor isn’t the only one missing, Drake alway was left out. Drake was left out of the lineup and of course everyone knows why. Madonna is still salty about Drake’s less than impressed response to her surprise on stage kiss at Coachella. After the video of Drake all but throwing up in his mouth the two have been at odds, Madonna called Drake a “girl” in one of her interviews when asked about the kiss, and Drake altered the lyrics of his song titled “Madonna” so say “Rihanna” instead. Talk about a bad kiss.

Geto Boys Reunite

It rare for some groups to ever come back together once they break up. New Edition is a one-in-a-million type of deal. They reunited and have been performing together for years. Rap groups, however, are much different. That is why fans were incredibly surprised to see the Geto Boys speak of a reunion.

Scarface was one of the group members that is well-known for people in the rap world. He was recently on the Breakfast Club. He talked about how wild Bushwick Bill was. It was different for a group like this to come out of Texas at that time. They were the earlier pioneers of rap in Houston. The Geto Boys were before UGK and the entire chopped and screwed music that is prevalent in Texas now. Fans that grew up with the Geto Boys are wondering how this new music will sound. So much has changed since they have been on the scene.

Rap is certainly a young man’s game, but the hype surrounding this project could really help it if you as an old fan like Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. This could become the thing that brings some hype back to the sound in terms of rap around the world. Pimp C from UGK died so Underground Kingz no longer exists.

Iggy Azalea Is Putting Out A Book

It seems as if anyone who has a famous name, they want to do anything they can to bring in a profit. Kim Kardashian is known for taking a selfie every single day, and she even made a book called “Selfish.” Kim’s book featured tons of her selfies, and she also gives advice on how to take a selfie on a regular basis. Even though the book sounded like a joke, it still netted Kim a lot of money. Even those who disliked Kim, they came to her book signing, they purchased the book, and then they cussed her out for wearing fur.

It seems as if Iggy thought it was a handy idea and decided to jump on the bandwagon, and she’s creating her own book as well. Iggy is making a book, and it will be about the things that happen behind-the-scenes in the entertainment industry. Iggy has cancelled her first upcoming tour, not once, but twice, and the store will not be rescheduled. Iggy has made one excuse after another about why she cancelled the tour, but ultimately she claims she will tour in 2016.

We’ll have to wait and see if Iggy is as hot next year as she has been in the past year.

Led Zeppelin to Reissue Final Three Albums

On July 31st, Led Zeppelin will be releasing the reissue of their last three albums. These three albums include 1976’s Presence, 1979’s In Through the Out Door, and the compilation album Coda, which was released in 1982; two years after Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham’s untimely death.

Led Zeppelin, which includes surviving members Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, and John Paul Jones, started making music in 1968 and include such amazing hits as “Whole Lotta Love,” “Immigrant Song,” and “Stairway to Heaven.” In December of 1980 they officially decided to disband instead of replacing their beloved drummer. Adam Sender was a bit sad about that.Each album will contain new tracks, including never heard before songs, rare finds, and new mixes of old favorites. In addition to the collected outtakes found in the original Coda, the reissue will also include two discs of companion audio, spanning from 1968 to 1974. Some tracks include an early version of “When the Levee Breaks” and the rarely heard “Sugar Mama” — a track which was only previously found on the bootleg market is now finally getting it’s first official release.

All of the current and upcoming reissues are available through either for order or pre-order.

Environmentalists Begin Push Back Against EPA’s Prior Fracking Study

Last week, the Obama administration stunned environmentalists when the EPA issued a draft study concluding that hydraulic fracturing or “fracking” did not pose a serious threat to drinking water. While there are documented instances of fracking contaminating ground water, the EPA ruled that it was the result of strict regulations not being followed. That said, the draft study found that in the overwhelming number of instances, oil companies are complying with safety guidelines.

Now, conflicting accounts are emerging as to the safety of fracking. While it is expected that environmentalists will find studies that contract the Obama administration’s position, the conflicting reports come from none other than the EPA. In studies conducted in various states, the EPA found a large number of cases where ground water had been contaminated by fracking. For instance, in Pennsylvania, 234 water wells had been contaminated. In Colorado, there were 340 wells affected. The state of New Mexico had 743 similar instances.However, it remains to be seen if environmentalists are reading too much into the reports, as Amen Clinics points out. It would appear unlikely that the EPA would contradict itself. That said, the EPA’s draft report is sure to dismay President Obama’s base which believes he has not done enough to promote a left-wing environmentalist agenda.