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John Textor: Creating a Digital World for Classic Musicians

John Textor is the previous chair and CEO of Digital Domain Productions, as well as the chair and CEO of it’s parent company, Digital Domain Media Group. These companies are best known for their work in visual effects on Transformers, Flags of our Fathers, Tron: Legacy, Real Steel and Pirates of the Caribbean at World’s End. All of which were completed under Textor’s exceptional leadership.

Textor’s career began with his education, in 1987 he received his Bachelor of Arts in economics from Wesleyan University. By 1997, Textor had co-founded, and become the Managing Partner of Wyndcrest Holdings, a private equity firm with a focus on entertainment, telecommunication and internet, which is based in Florida. Two years later he became the director of The Parent Company and BabyUniverse, internet retailers of children’s products. By 2002 he was the chairman, and by 2005 he was elected CEO. One year later he found himself as the chair, and CEO, of Digital.

The work Textor has done at Digital Domain led the company to an Academy Award in 2009 with the visual effects in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. The company was awarded the Achievement in Visual Effects award in 2009 and CLIO advertising awards for creating the first believable, digital human actor. Upon leaving Digital Domain, Textor moved on to become the executive chairman and the President-Head of Studio of Pulse Evolution Corporation.

John Textor also is responsible for the digital Tupac Shakur that made it’s debut in 2012 at the Coachella Valley Music festival, as well as the consummation of a joint venture for the digital resurrection of Elvis Presley.

Textor continues to stay active in the development of entertainment, aiding in production with his realistic digital human beings. He also continues working as a producer for projects like Art Story, an animated feature film that is currently in development.

What Is In Store for New Order


New Order’s next album without Peter Hook

When it comes to musical bands, splitting up and replacing members is a trend that is common. The band New Order is not unfamiliar with this at all.

The band had recently been on tour this past summer and used it as an opportunity to play one of their newest songs titled “Plastic.” Interestingly enough, the song will be appearing on their tenth upcoming album, and even more interesting is that the band was supposed to have called it quits three years earlier.

Despite reporting they were finished, drummer Stephen Morris has gone on to say that he and the band have been working in small steps to put out new songs since 2011. This also happens to be the first attempt at recording the band has made since 2007, which is when their bassist Peter Hook has left the band.

Even though the band members enjoy recording new music (which is exciting for fans like myself and Zeca Oliveira) , they do feel as though there is less excitement involved now as stated on “We used to just play for hours jamming in the studio and then find a bit — a second — that wasn’t bad,” says Morris “And then find another second that could go on top of that. We’re streamlined.”

Big Names Featured in Ultra Music Festival

Following last year’s tragedy, this year’s Ultra Music Festival is going to be on close watch by the city officials of Miami after a security guard was trampled by a mob who attended the festival without tickets.

The city mayor expressed his disappointment to the organizers of the event and demanded the festival be banned for this year. The commissioners for the event voted against the mayor’s intensions immediately after a month from the announcement.

The Phase 1 announcement already features Kiesza, Bassnectar, Porter Robinson, and more. There are now a total of 100 acts that have been announced and this number will still increase as the organizers of the event release the complete line of acts.

Axwell^Ingrosso, a collaboration from Swedish House Mafia is going to make a big U.S. debut in the Ultra fest. Some of the big names that are rumored to appear in the festival during the 27th to 29th of March are: Skrillex, Avicii, Afrojack, Steve Aoki, and David Guetta.

Bernardo Chua along with plenty of EDM fans arealready very excited about this announcement. This could be the biggest gathering of the most popular EDM artists.
The festival will be held at the Bayfront Park, Miami, Florida.