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Join 2 Chainz As He Checks Out These Super Expensive Speakers

On the last episode of 2 Chain’s GQ series, “Most Expensivest Sh-t”, 2 Chainz checks out the Der Vorverstarker MBL stereo system which comes at a ravishing cost of $260,000, more than what most cars cost.

The Der Vorcerstarker is a German company based out of Berlin, and they are in the business of top end equipment in sound installment and luxury. 2 Chains refers to the stereo system as Versace glasses, which resembles how fancy they look like.

“260 bands” That’s how much 2 chainz valued the speakers to be at in his own hiphop lingo.

The company provides services to homes mainly with surround sound home theater’s that are state of the art, but in some cases, they install they’re systems in planes and yachts as well.

2 Chainz was very impressed with the black and gold speakers, which are his favorite colors by the way, and put in an order of his own which means he is now the proud owner of a $260,000 home theater sound system.


2 Chainz may be down for these speakers, but I’m not so sure movie executive Tom Rothman in Hollywood will be lining up to get these installed.

Angels and Airwaves Ready to Relase Anticipated LP

Since forming In 2005, alternative rock band Angels and Airwaves has been on fire. Lead singer Tom Delonge had a strong following when he decided to create the band, just a few months after Blink 182’s split, but has proven that the band can succeed even without die-hard Blink fans. The band’s first album, We Don’t Need To Whisper, reached number 4 on the Billboard 200 and their other three studio albums have all received fantastic feedback from fans and critics.

Now, they have announced they are almost ready to release their much anticipated LP on Halloween of this year. To encourage hype, Angels and Airwaves leaked a track off their fifth studio album, entitled “Paralyzed.” Front man Tom Delonge says he was able to pair up with Nine Inch Nails drummer Ilan Rubin to record an intense, bass-heavy track that is already generating a wave of excitement on the internet.

Fans have been waiting nearly three years for a new album from the band and can’t seem to contain their enthusiasm after getting a sneak peak of what’s to come.  You can check out Angels and Airwaves’ brand new track “Paralyzed” on their SoundCloud page.

EDM Cotton Candy Looks Like The Greatest Thing Ever


Now, mash that up with cotton candy, and you have something that everybody needs to experience. Definitely would have made Stanford more interesting with Jared Haftel. Probably would have cut into the studying though. Not to mention the dentist bills.