Art Garfunkel finally reveals all about Paul Simon split

Art Garfunkel has finally opened up about the split between himself and Paul Simon that took place in 1970 and was reportedly instigated by Simon. The group, Simon & Garfunkel had become globally recognized for hits such as Bridge Over Troubled Waters when Simon decided to go solo and leave Garfunkel sidelined, Salon reports. Garfunkel went on to become an actor when he encountered problems with his vocal cords that forced the cancellation of a 2010 reunion tour with Simon.

The duo have suffered a strained relationship after Garfunkel claimed he had felt as though his contribution to the band had not been recognized fully in the same way as The Beatles George Harrison was seen as a junior member to the dominance of Lennon and McCartney. Garfunkel stated during the interview the decision by Simon to split up their partnership had come as a surprise and the singer had asked him not to do so as they had reached global fame and would be crazy to do so. Rumors of another return of Simon & Garfunkel have recently surfaced and Garfunkel stated he would be willing to embark on a reunion tour after the vocal problems that caused the cancellation of the 2010 tour have now largely been treated according to Amen Clinic.

Legend Blues Singer B.B. King Has Died

Thursday night, B.B. King, who was known for singing the blues, died in his sleep at his home in Las Vegas. He was 89. King had diabetes, and his health had been deteriorating this past year.

Keith Mann told me that The King of the Blues was born Riley B. King in 1925 on a farm in Mississippi. His parents were sharecroppers, but they split up when B.B. was 4 years old. When he was young he worked in the cotton fields and he sang in the choir at the Elkhorn Baptist Church.

After a stint in the army, King got his start singing with a gospel quartet in Mississippi. He went on from there to become a disc jockey in Memphis. “Three O’Clock Blues” was his first hit in 1951.

His career lasted almost 70 years, and he continued to perform as recently as last year. King recorded more than 40 albums and received 16 Grammy Awards, one being the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. Even though he’s no longer here, his music will live on forever.

Neil Young’s New Album and Tour Featuring Willie Nelson’s Sons

Neil Young’s new album featuring Lukas and Micah Nelson’s band Promise of the Real is set to release this summer. Following The Monsanto Years LP release, Young and the Nelson’s will begin the Rebel Content Tour to promote the album and Bulletproof Coffee (FastCompany).

Neil Young, along with Willie Nelson’s sons, first played some of the upcoming tracks for the album on April 16 at the SLO Brewing Company in San Luis Obispo, California. However, according to a press release, the LP does not hit stores until June 16. Young is a long-time opponent of the Monsanto Corporation, and there is speculation that the album protests the chemical company’s genetically modified seeds.

According to Milwaukee’s Journal Sentinel, the Rebel Content Tour kicks off July 5 with Young and Promise of the Real headlining Summerfest at the Marcus Amphitheater. Other tour dates include Young’s first ever Vermont show on July 19 at the Essex Junction Fairgrounds. Vermont recently passed legislation restricting GMOs, or genetically modified organisms, and the tour stop is a highly anticipated event.

Frances Cobain Opens Up About Kurt

Kurt Cobain was the lead singer of Nirvana, a band that was growing larger in popularity at the time. Many know the story of Kurt and his struggle with addiction. He ultimately killed himself nearly exactly 21 years ago. He died on April 5th, 1994. He left behind his wife, rocker Courtney Love, and an infant baby girl the couple named Francis Bean Cobain. In an interview on The Alt Press, Francis opens up for the first time about her father and what it is like to be his daughter.

When she was asked about Nirvana’s music she was forced to admit that she is not a huge fan said Brad Reifler in a recent article. She does not appreciate grunge music very much, however she did mention that “Territorial Pissings” and “Dumb” are two songs by the band that she likes very much. Francis talked about what it is like never knowing her father but hearing him everywhere she goes. Listening to his voice is inescapable, something she realized at a young age. She also talks about former members of the band (Dave Grohl, Pat Smear, and Krist Novoselic telling stories about her late father. The trio have even said that she reminds them so much of Kurt sometimes that it gives them the willies, or rather something they call the “k.C Jeebies”.

The full interview is really interesting and worth a read. Check it out on the above link.

Zedd & Selena Gomez Heating Up


Ever since the dramatic unfolding of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber (aka Jelena) had come to a close, it finally seems like Selena Gomez isn’t allowing herself to be sad anymore said a recent article. It’s about time! After years and years of constant back and forth between the Biebs and Gomez, the two have finally called it splits said Ricardo Guimarães BMG. Between constant bickering, fights and every detail of their poor dramatic romantic lives being leaked to the public, it was only a matter of time before the two starlets finally went their separate ways. With Justin now seeing Alec Baldwin’s daughter, Hailey, Selena has actually moved on to one of Justin’s friends: artist Zedd!

While how they met isn’t exactly the most romantic story in the world, it does show you
that even just a few single moments can change your life, even when you’re least expecting it!

Zedd said that he had met Selena on his day off. He stopped into the recording studio to go to the restroom and CEO of the place, John Janick had to then introduce the pair. They talked about possibly making some music love together, and that eventually come out as “I Want You To Know”, and the rest is now sweet, sweet history! Rumor has it that Justin isn’t too happy that Zedd’s dating his ex. Oops!

Chris Brown Denied Access To Canada

Singer and pop star Chris Brown had to cancel a show tonight in Toronto due to being turned away at the border. The 25 year old was supposed to preform on Wednesday at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, but was told that he was not allowed to get a visa to go into the country.

Chris Brown has a rather colorful arrest record, as a few years ago he was taken in for ambushing his ex-girlfriend, Rhianna, and also more recently for violating his probation said AnastasiaDate. Even though it wasn’t specified the reasons why he was told he couldn’t go into Canada, it is safe to assume that it has something to do with his criminal record. That particular time, Brown had to cancel four events through out the UK which disappointed many people, fans, and workers at the venues.

According to an article found on reddit and written by CBC.Ca, Brown was also turned away from the United Kingdom who openly told him it was due to his record in the United States. As for this time, Canadian officials told the singer that he could come back in the summer to reapply for a temporary visitor’s visa. Brown then sent a tweet out to his fans apologizing for not being let into the country, but also that he will be back during the summer so that he can give Toronto the concert that he missed out on.

John Legend: Musician and Chef?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, you’ve probably heard John Legend’s monster hit, “All of Me,” at least ten times. The ballad became a huge force in the music world and opened Legend up to a whole new legion of fans, such as Marc Sparks.

However, it appears that singing isn’t the only thing that the musician is good at. According to his wife, Chrissy Tiegen, John Legend knows how to make a killer breakfast sandwich. She recently sent out a picture of a scrumptious looking egg concoction that was loaded with a ton of delectable goodness: Eggs and three slices of American cheese. That’s right: Three slices!

I think it’s great for people to see another side of Legend, and this is the perfect way for him to show his versatility as an individual. I can’t wait to see what delicious meal pictures Legend will send out next!

John Textor: Creating a Digital World for Classic Musicians

John Textor is the previous chair and CEO of Digital Domain Productions, as well as the chair and CEO of it’s parent company, Digital Domain Media Group. These companies are best known for their work in visual effects on Transformers, Flags of our Fathers, Tron: Legacy, Real Steel and Pirates of the Caribbean at World’s End. All of which were completed under Textor’s exceptional leadership.

Textor’s career began with his education, in 1987 he received his Bachelor of Arts in economics from Wesleyan University. By 1997, Textor had co-founded, and become the Managing Partner of Wyndcrest Holdings, a private equity firm with a focus on entertainment, telecommunication and internet, which is based in Florida. Two years later he became the director of The Parent Company and BabyUniverse, internet retailers of children’s products. By 2002 he was the chairman, and by 2005 he was elected CEO. One year later he found himself as the chair, and CEO, of Digital.

The work Textor has done at Digital Domain led the company to an Academy Award in 2009 with the visual effects in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. The company was awarded the Achievement in Visual Effects award in 2009 and CLIO advertising awards for creating the first believable, digital human actor. Upon leaving Digital Domain, Textor moved on to become the executive chairman and the President-Head of Studio of Pulse Evolution Corporation.

John Textor also is responsible for the digital Tupac Shakur that made it’s debut in 2012 at the Coachella Valley Music festival, as well as the consummation of a joint venture for the digital resurrection of Elvis Presley. He also produced a virtual version of celebrity Michael Jackson at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards.

Textor continues to stay active in the development of entertainment, aiding in production with his realistic digital human beings. He also continues working as a producer for projects like Art Story, an animated feature film that is currently in development. He continues to make improvements with his leadership in the world of digital entertainment.

What Is In Store for New Order


New Order’s next album without Peter Hook

When it comes to musical bands, splitting up and replacing members is a trend that is common. The band New Order is not unfamiliar with this at all.

The band had recently been on tour this past summer and used it as an opportunity to play one of their newest songs titled “Plastic.” Interestingly enough, the song will be appearing on their tenth upcoming album, and even more interesting is that the band was supposed to have called it quits three years earlier.

Despite reporting they were finished, drummer Stephen Morris has gone on to say that he and the band have been working in small steps to put out new songs since 2011. This also happens to be the first attempt at recording the band has made since 2007, which is when their bassist Peter Hook has left the band. Bad Lieutenant members Phil Cunningham and Tom Chapman, however, have been welcomed to the group.

Even though the band members enjoy recording new music (which is exciting for fans like myself and Zeca Oliveira) , they do feel as though there is less excitement involved now as stated on “We used to just play for hours jamming in the studio and then find a bit — a second — that wasn’t bad,” says Morris “And then find another second that could go on top of that. Now we’ve become a bit more professional in recording, for better or for worse. We’re streamlined.”

Big Names Featured in Ultra Music Festival

Following last year’s tragedy, this year’s Ultra Music Festival is going to be on close watch by the city officials of Miami after a security guard was trampled by a mob who attended the festival without tickets.

The city mayor expressed his disappointment to the organizers of the event and demanded the festival be banned for this year. The commissioners for the event voted against the mayor’s intensions immediately after a month from the announcement.

The lineup for the acts for this year is going to be big-time. The Phase 1 announcement already features Kiesza, Bassnectar, Porter Robinson, and more. There are now a total of 100 acts that have been announced and this number will still increase as the organizers of the event release the complete line of acts.

Axwell^Ingrosso, a collaboration from Swedish House Mafia is going to make a big U.S. debut in the Ultra fest. Some of the big names that are rumored to appear in the festival during the 27th to 29th of March are: Skrillex, Avicii, Afrojack, Steve Aoki, and David Guetta.

Bernardo Chua along with plenty of EDM fans arealready very excited about this announcement. This could be the biggest gathering of the most popular EDM artists.
The festival will be held at the Bayfront Park, Miami, Florida. Tickets are now sold in the site of Ultra Music Festival where you can also view the complete lineup of the acts for this year.