James Dondero, Founder of Highland Capital Management With 30 Years Experience in Credit/Equity Markets

Highly Successful Financial Industry Career

James Dondero has had a highly successful career in the financial industry. Currently, he serves as the President and Co-Founder of Highland Capital Management. The company is known for offering award-winning products for their investors. Without a doubt, the company’s track record is directly related to his career progression. Read more at Huffington Post about James Dondero.

Worked For Morgan Guaranty As Trainee Analyst Upon Graduation

Upon graduating from the University of Virginia, James Dondero went to work for Morgan Guaranty as a trainee analyst. He then proceeded to become a corporate bond analyst at American Express, until he was promoted to a role as a portfolio manager of $1 Billion in assets. This lead to him becoming the Chief Investment Officer of Protective Life. Following his position as a Chief Investment Officer at Protective Life, James Dondero then founded Highland Capital Management in 1993.

Known For Philanthropic Works

James Dondero is also known for being a great philanthropist. His passion is for improving the standard of living for people in Dallas. This includes making substantial donations to the Hippo habitat of the Dallas Zoo, of $1 Million. The zoo renamed the hippo habitat viewing area to the Highland Capital Lodge in honor of the donation. He also was instrumental in hiring Linda Owen of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation to lead a local nonprofit which he contributed to significantly. Linda’s hiring has led to additional charitable commitments in the Dallas area to assist other organizations. Highland Capital Management also hosted a mother’s day event to raise additional funds for members of the family place, among other charitable commitments. Follow James on Linkedin.

Qualified as Certified Management Accountant and Chartered Financial Analyst

He majored in Accounting and Finance at the University of Virginia and was able to obtain qualifications in being a Certified Management Accountant and Chartered Financial Analyst. At the University of Virginia, he graduated with academic honors of Beta Gamma Sigma and Beta Alpha Psi.

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How Eric Lefkofsky Is One Of The People Trying To Bring Down The Costs Of Healthcare

As most people are aware, healthcare costs in America are skyrocketing. This has resulted in $933 billion more being spent on people’s healthcare in 2013 versus back in 1996. The care today is much better than even back then but it’s also a lot more intense and costly. A lot of it is also being driven by there being a lot more people in the United States and more people living much longer than people tended to years ago.

Two of the areas that people are spending much more money is to treat diabetes as well getting treatment for neck and low back pain. The increase in spending on diabetes is mainly attributable to expensive pharmaceuticals to manage it. While more people aren’t experiencing back and neck pain more people are doing something about it by getting medical treatment of their condition. This has resulted in a lot more healthcare spending.

Annual spending on healthcare now stands at $697 billion. There had been efforts to reduce this but to little avail so far. One person in the industry said that the amount spent on healthcare each day has gone through the roof despite the best efforts of those concentrating on reducing the costs. One justification for this is that even though drug prices higher than ever they keep people out of the hospital, which isn’t really the case.

Eric Lefkofsky is one person trying to reduce the cost of healthcare in regards to cancer treatment. The company he co-founded, Tempus, Inc., helps doctors personalize cancer care. His company collected a huge amount of molecular and clinical data that it developed into a database for use by cancer doctors. As it is DNA-based it cuts out a lot of the guesswork on what treatment will work best for each patient, reducing the costs and achieving better patient outcomes.

As a longtime entrepreneur, Eric Lefkofsky is well acquainted with big ideas like Tempus and how to run the company. He has also founded or co-founded other big companies in the past such as Groupon. He sees problems that technology can address and then effectively builds companies around the solutions.

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George Soros and His Philanthropy

It is no secret that George Soros is one of the world’s greatest philanthropists. He is known as one of the main founders of the Central European University in Budapest which is one of the country’s leading learning establishment for social science. And Forbes has reported his real-time net worth at $8 billion. However, his contributions through the Open Society Foundations are also recognized all over the world.

George Soros has donated over $32 billion dollars from his personal fortune over the years to fund the world-wide work of the Open Society Foundation. Open Society Foundation is an organization which assists individuals and organization around the world in their fight for accountable government, societies that establish justice and equality, and freedom of personal expression.

George Soros has a heart for those who are persucuted for being who they are. His compassion was founded in events from his own life. He was born in Hungary in 1930, and survived the Nazi occupation from 1944 to 1945. Soros, part of a Jewish family, survived by obtaining false identity papers, creating false backgrounds, and helping other Jewish Hungarians to do the same. Over 500,000 other Hungarian Jews were not so fortunate, and George Soros has never forgotten that.

After his first-hand experience of intolerance, George Soros has been giving back. He started in 1979 by funding scholarships for black South Africans under apartheid. Though he has given to many organizations, Open Society Foundations has been the recipient of over $18 billion of Soros’ contributions. The New York Times reports this as being one of the largest transfers of private wealth to a singe organization.

Open Society was founded by George Soros 30 years ago. In more than 120 countries, the Open Society Foundation is at work promoting human rights democracy. In recent years the organization has been more noticeable in investing its programs for the protection of rights for gays and lesbians.

During the 2014 Ebola outbreak, the Open Society Foundation funded treatment centers. After the 2016 election’s wave of “hate crimes”, George Soros gave $10 million to help fight against the violence.

George Soros, now in his 80’s, still takes an active interest in the activities of the Open Society Foundation. He travels around the world to privately publicly meet with leaders. George Soros continues to be an advocate for positive policy changes.

Throughout George Soros’ career, he has remained constant in taking on the world’s most unmanageable problems. Soros is known for taking on the under dog of problems, always favoring a losing battle battle in the name of helping those in need. Soros knows that many of the problems he takes on may never see a completely satisfactory solution.

Though a major amount of contributions has been given by George Soros to the Open Society Foundation, his generosity has also extended to other organizations such as Global Witness, the International Crisis Group, the European Council of Foreign Relations, and the New Economic Institution. and Follow him Twitter.com

What Omar Yunes Did To Make Mexico City Better

When Omar Yunes first started out in Mexico City, there were not many chain sushi restaurants. As someone who had been to Japan, Omar Yunes wanted to try things that would give him a chance at doing better. He wanted to make sushi a possibility in Mexico City and wanted it to be something he could do well for other people. Since Omar Yunes tried his best to make the best options possible, he knew he would need to try different things. He also knew everything would get better as long as he was working to promote different options to those who were working in their own businesses. As an entrepreneur, he felt it was a great way for him to truly break into the sushi franchise business. He wanted people to see what he could do an regularly made it a point to try and offer them all the things they needed.

For Omar Yunes, this meant he would have to work hard. He had to go above and beyond what he was doing to try and make things better for himself. He wanted to work hard so Sushi Itto would grow. From creating the perfect environment to advertising the right way, Omar Yunes was confident he would be able to give the business everything he had. He also knew hard work was a big part of the business so he was going to do whatever it took to get to the part of the business where he was able to make more opportunities for himself.

Now that Omar Yunes has done the work on his business, he is seeing the results. He believes Sushi Itto is a direct reflection of who he is as a person. Omar Yunes and his dedication meant that he was actually able to win an award for being the best franchiser. The award gave him the opportunity to show people what they could get from the business. It also gave him the motivation that he needed to truly get started with the business and take it to a level people could enjoy on their own.

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The Authentic Cancer Treatment Centers of America

The traumatic events of the lifestyle diseases are claiming lives at an alarming rate. The current technology in medical industry though is the main breakthrough. Patients that undergo various conditions such as the deadly cancer are going a through thunderous pain and much-untold suffering. The disease may take an entirely long before one becomes aware of its presence in the body. The ultimate solution to the prevention of the disease is regular checkup from reputable health institutions. To some individuals, the treatment bill may seem unattainable but seeking medical advice is the noble way for having a clear direction on the disease.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America Global, Inc. (CTCA) has come a long way in establishing various cancer centers. With its headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida, CTCA has extensively launched numerous cancer centers to aid patients fighting cancer. CTCA is proud to offer its incredible medical services with a wholesome approach care. The centers integrate various genomic testing techniques, surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. Patients treatment is the primary goal and agenda that at the CTCA. Offering both the physical and emotional support by enhancing a life-saving technique and managing the associated side effects of the ailment, during and after undergoing treatment.

With various centers in Atlanta, Chicago, Phoenix, Tulsa, and Philadelphia, the CTCA is proud to be rated the most affordable and service oriented centers. A comprehensive treatment of patients by a qualified professional is something that enables patients to gain trust on the CTCA. Applying the cutting-edge technologies in treatment equipment, CTCA is pleased to take you to another level of advanced medical care. Through personal experiences of patients, CTCA is all exposed to a personalized approach taking into account the effects of cancer on different persons. Despite your health condition, CTCA is ready to accommodate you in an exclusive way giving you a first-class treatment for cancer.

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How Talos Energy Is changing the energy industry

How Talos Energy Is changing the energy industry
After a period close to an entire century, a privately-owned company has finally drilled an oil well in the Mexican waters. Such a development is the latest among many made by the country, in an attempt to woo back foreign investors into the energy industry.

To steer the process, two companies namely Talos Energy LLC and Sierra Oil & Gas have been drilling the oil for close to a year now. The offshore oil well will be the first to be launched by anybody save for state-operated domination Petroleos Mexicanos. The industry has always been run by the state since 1938 when the country nationalised oil industry.

Known as the Zama-1 well, the oil source has a capacity of between a hundred million to five hundred million barrels of crude oil. This is according to the statement given by Premier. The completion of the drilling process is expected in about three months at the cost of sixteen million dollars. It is Elaine Reynolds opinion that the project has a high chance of success geologically since the basins structure suggests so.

Each of three companies involved in drilling process has a significant share, with Talos energy holding thirty-five percent stake in the project. Sierra, on the other hand, has forty percent share and Premier has twenty-five percent. Talos energy operates the offshore oil well.

Talos energy is an own gas and oil firm that mainly focuses on both offshore production and exploration. The top rated business in small companies’ category basis their expertise in acquiring assets around the Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf Coast areas. Asset optimisation, exploration and exploitation are the key areas that Talos highly emphasizes.

As a reputable energy company, Talos energy continues to sore high, with their latest achievement being the completion of the Tornado II boring program. Others include the historic discovery of oil in Mexico waters, successful drilling of the Zama-1 well oil and expanding their base in Mexico among others. Moreover, the management of Talos energy continues to excel in the industry with Ash Shepherd, sales manager for Mexico at Talos Energy being featured as a Thirty under 40 Honoree.

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Cassio Audi’s life at the Vipers band

The Vipers band is recognized as the pioneer rock band in Brazil. It’s debut album, Soldiers of Sunrise still retains a sentimental value among rock fans of the mid-80s and early 90s. The record has been reproduced over four times since its first production. One thing that sets it apart is the unique music arrangement, raw vocal, and the skillfully played drums. Read more about Cassio Audi at The Metal Archives.

A gifted songwriter

One Cassio Audi wrote most of the songs recorded in the first and the second album. Though he is currently known for his corporate success and leadership, he is a gifted songwriter and drummer. In his teenage years, he exploited this gift by creating the Viper band. It comprised of other four young Brazilian rock stars.

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A drum set genius

The Vipers Band’s original composition included the two Passarell brothers, Yves and Pit, Andre Matos and Felipe Machado. Andres was the group’s lead singer, and Yves became the lead guitarist. The bass and rhythm guitars were handled by Machado and Pit respectively. Cassio Audi took the mantle at the drums and songwriting. Listening to the band’s first album leaves no doubt that Cassio is a genius drummer.

Gone to soon

After producing the first album, Cassio Audi left the group to finish college. Most fans looked forward to his soon return. However, this was never to be. He had another gift to exploit, management and leadership. Today he is among the respected financial leaders in the world.

Bringing back the flame

Despite his long absence from the industry, Cassio Audi still has a loyal fan base. The relationship they developed as a band is still active. They hope he will once in a while take up the drumsticks to bring back the flame of the old days. He remains the missing piece in the Vipers music. Read this article at newmaqui.com.br.

The Role of Jorge Moll in the Health Industry

Mr. Jorge Moll is the president of D’Or Institute for research and teaching. He shares how this Institute can bring revolution in the patient care and treatment. He holds the view that technology has played a great role in the advancement that has taken place in the medical sector. He mentions that in U.S and its surroundings, the advancements that have occurred in the technology, are most directed in the healthcare thus enabling the industry to extend its limits.

The use of smartphones in the medical industry has enabled the users to access their history and make appointments online. He views that such initiatives play an important role in the present and future medicine and it is his hope that all sectors that deal with medicine in Brazil, will collaborate so as to enable advancement of this technology where this can be achieved through the power of partnership.

He is the founder of the Star Cup hospital. This hospital is a five-star luxury hotel, meant for people who are interested in unique services throughout in Brazil. The hospital is magnificent, well designed to serve a large number of people without friction. The hospital has 550 professionals that offer different services ranging from the care to hospitality. Additionally, it has 113 doctors. The hospital will be offering very complex surgeries of cardiology and neurology.

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Mr. Jorge Moll together with Paulo Chapchap presented innovative visions of entrepreneurship in health management. During the conference, Jorge Moll highlighted the history of the Network and how it grew. He said that in medicine, he started with equipment and they came up with a large institution of complementary tests, that was not initially in Rio De Janeiro. Watch this video on youtube.com.

According to Moll, in the late 70’s and early 80’s, Rio de Janeiro was the center of medicine in Brazil, but the services started to deteriorate as most of the state hospital were mainly of the public sector. Due to this, there was no quality in the service, therefore, the business decided to revolutionize the hospital services. Moll held the view that the city was a big just for having a hospital, thus there was a need for a network of hospitals to serve the large population. Learn more about Jorge Moll at Google Scholar.

Amicus Therapeutics Leads The Way In Rare Disease Technology

The global biotechnological Amicus Therapeutics is at the forefront of cutting-edge therapies to treat rare diseases. The robust pipeline of treatments helps with a long list of genetic disease.

Amicus Therapeutics has a very bold vision. The programs we invest are required to have three characteristics: a rare disease, a devastating disorder and the data must be meaningful to help patients. Our goal is to help patients, caregivers and their families.

Our company believes in the fight and never gives up. We deliver the highest-quality therapies that deliver results. Even in business, we believe building in the long-term. Our results are science-driven. We also promise to offer affordable medicine options for all patients.

Our leadership team is driven toward leading. We do everything we can to inspire the rare disease community. Learn more about Amicus Therapeutics at Seeking Alpha.

Our CEO John F. Crowley is a former Bristol-Meyers-Squibb executive, who became involved in genetic technology after his two children were born with genetic diseases. His bravery is profiled in the movie Extraordinary Measures, starring Brenda Fraser and Harrison Ford. Crowley alone raised over $100 million to find a cure for his children. Visit finance.yahoo.com to know more about Amicus Therapeutics.

Crowley, a U.S. Naval Reserve Officer, graduated from Georgetown University with a degree in foreign service. He also received a Juris Doctorate from Notre Dame University. Crowley also sits on a number of boards including the Family Exemplar Award, the Global Genes Project, the University Council on Science & Technology Award and the Make A Wish Foundation.

Read: https://www.dialdish.com/amicus-therapeutics-fabry-disease/

He continues to lead the way in technological advancements.

Finding The Right Accounting Method

Keeping Tabs On Every Penny

NexBank does the unthinkable when reaching customer goals.

Everyone should have clearly laid out goals in finance, and we help you put together expectations that work out in the end. We’re able to because of our group of professionals. Leading a community like this and into a modern generation begins with the right banking services.

The foundation of every community begins with managing the properties it has. Therefore, we welcome you into the property management of NexBank and the bank which brings its values into a new generation. The relevancy of this generation can’t be over-expressed.

It’s important to leverage as many benefits now, and using NexBank for management needs is your start toward financial success.

We Then Implement Expense Control

During the process of owning property, developing it or evening selling it, there’s a dire need for controlling the expenses that come along. The long list of unexpected and likely expenses within property ownership is too exhaustive to list here. Here, we have our overview of what’s necessary to create real value out of homeownership.

By controlling yours and our expenses, we’re able to maximize the rewards.

In property management, your goal is to avoid spending more than your returns can insure as principal on an investment. This investment is your property and the value it garners overtime, if developed or when other incentives are offered to increase value.

By limiting how much you spend in the process, we maximize the future returns.

Taking these steps is part of the work and reputation at NexBank. It’s what you can always expect. Begin those steps today, and let’s make something more of your future.

The major goal is your bottom line, and we ensure that you’ll improve it.