Nobilis Health Performed An Operation To Help Me Manage My Ulcerative Colitis

For years, I have had the diagnosis of Ulcerative Colitis. At first I didn’t know what my symptoms were, but they were getting so out of control that I sought out a doctor who could help me to understand it all. I explained to her that I had blood in my bowels, I would have abdominal pains at random, I would get dehydrated often, and I described a few other symptoms as well. After months of tests and getting advice from a second doctor, I had the diagnosis confirmed on I didn’t know what I was going to do.

Someone that I worked with for the past three years told me about her mom. Her mom had the same diagnosis and practically the same exact symptoms as I had. She said that her mom went to the Nobilis Health Northstar Healthcare Surgery Center for a way to manage the symptoms that she was having. I finally had a string of hope that I wouldn’t have to live in this much pain and irritation every day. I made the call to Nobilis Health, and they scheduled me for an appointment to be seen by their doctor.

When I went to my appointment, the doctor looked at the paperwork I filled out and looked at my medical history. He told me that my Ulcerative Colitis was more than likely genetic. His explanation made sense as I later found out that my aunt on my mom’s side had it too, and so did my great grandmother. The doctor proceeded to explain to me that while this was a lifelong disease and I had managed it quite well on my own; that doesn’t work forever. I would need surgery, and after that I would continue with my self-management techniques. He said that the surgery would help me to manage the pain better for some time.

I asked him about the surgery before I committed to it, and when I was finally comfortable making the decision, he set it up the surgery for me. He told me that he would be the one doing the procedure, and it would be minimally invasive, so I would be able to go back to my regular routines very soon. It was probably a month and a half after my surgery before I felt comfortable doing everything I had previously done. It wasn’t as scary as I thought, or I’m sure I would have sought out the surgery sooner.

The doctor from the Nobilis Health on center was so nice to me, he listened to me, and I am so grateful that he performed my surgical procedure as well. He was very experienced, and he was able to ease any concerns that I had. If anyone else has the same symptoms that I have, I immediately would recommend them to a Nobilis Health center. They are professional, affordable and experienced. The doctor who did my procedure has an excellent success rate with his surgeries, and I can now manage my disease with a bit more ease than I did before the procedure.

Changing the Landscape: A Good Thing for Healthcare

The landscape of the healthcare industry is changing significantly, especially in how healthcare is being delivered, due to the mountains of new regulations and mandates that have been place upon healthcare providers. Improving care while reducing costs has many of the industry leaders now thinking well outside of the box. A new forward thinking approach has created opportunity for up and comers in the healthcare arena as well as a chance for some established groups to reshape themselves into a healthcare provider more fitting for the challenges the marketplace will face in the years and decades to come. Where diversity was once the best fit, the market trend seems to be leaning more in favor of focused care. This likely has little to do with the overall scope of the healthcare industry itself and a great deal more to do with fiscal forces at play. This in no way insinuates that healthcare delivery and patent care is being compromised in the name of portfolio building and profitability, it is in fact according to cantechletter quite the opposite. Changes being driven by new federal regulatory mandates has created a new set of challenges of which the industry has never faced and as such has had to re-think its approach. While there are certainly hurdles to overcome, this new, out of the box thinking will ultimately drive down costs while at the same time bring higher quality healthcare to patients. Nobilis Health is a prime example of the success this new approach can bring to the industry. Emphasizing that their growth stays on track with ways to deliver the highest standard of healthcare in a the most cost productive way, Nobilis Health has demonstrated that by more carefully choosing their new partners and acquisitions from a narrower field of healthcare services, they can improve both the quality of delivered healthcare and still turn strong profits for its shareholders. While this approach moves away from the traditional diversification model, it proves that there is room for competition, growth and profitability in the landscape that healthcare now lives in.

Making Memories For A Lifetime In London

Vacationing in London, considered the heart of the United Kingdom, can be a wonderfully memorable experience. Staying in a motel or hotel can be stressful, however, especially if you plan an extended stay. Most rented rooms tend to be cramped and limited when it comes to creature comforts, resulting in tired and cranky vacationers.

Renting an apartment with the help of the experts at London Escape is the best way to be sure of having the comforts of home and still be within a few minutes of all that London has to offer. Upon your arrival at the airport, you will be transported to your rental property, where you will be welcomed by the owner and made familiar with the place you will call home during your vacation.

Nobody wants to worry about everyday essentials while vacationing, so London Escape apartments are equipped with everything from a toaster and cooking utensils to clean towels, linens and toiletries. There is also ample storage space, microwave and WiFi. If there are additional needs, they are just a request away from being met. There will be no disruptive knocks on the door from housekeeping but if you desire, a cleaning service is available for a small fee.

Bringing your own vehicle is no problem since there are a number of car parks close by, no matter where you’re staying in London. We understand that pets are often an important part of the family, so they are welcomed in most London Escape apartments.

Our team is very familiar with the London area and are available eighteen hours every day to assist you in finding the perfect vacation spot for your needs. We provide photos of the properties available and offer a separate page for each property, making it easy for clients to make informed decisions.

The success of Citadel LLC CEO and world’s best hedge fund manager

Citadel LLC is a leading hedge fund firm based in Chicago. The company has seen turbulent times in the recent but today, it has managed to remain in business, courtesy of Kenneth Griffin, a CEO who knows what it takes to lead. Today Kenneth Griffin, the president of Citadel, an investment group in Chicago has become one of the most secretive and successful traders known worldwide. The CEO Factor Kenneth Griffin holds the post as the founding president and CEO of Citadel group, an investment and hedge fund firm trading in various stock exchanges. Citadel Company has become a leading alternative asset manager. The Citadel Securities is a leading liquidity provider in US capital markets. The Citadel Technology, an entity within the company, provides solutions for the investment management of technology. Griffin acts as the CEO of the groups and holds a bachelor’s degree from Harvard. Though an astute business billionaire tycoon, Griffin supports actively educational causes that help the local communities improve. Griffin is a most sought after economic manager in the world because of his knowledge of the global economy. His success has not gone unnoticed. He has nominations from numerous organizations including the Economic Hub of Chicago, Civic Committee of Commercial Club of Chicago and G100. The start Griffin’s early start in business dates back to 1986 when he was still a student at Harvard, trading in stocks on Wall Street inside his room. In his first year, he started a convertible bond arbitrate fund. In 1987, the stock market crumbled, and he struck gold. Starting his senior year, he already had a fortune of $1m of investor’s money. One secret of Griffin to stay ahead of others is to evaluate models that work in business. The Citadel group factor The Citadel LLC group aspires to turn investor’s cash into more cash. Today, out from a small college room, the company has become a leading hedge fund corporation. Today, it boasts of a 1% trading in the New York Stock, London and Tokyo exchange. The company manages more than $6 billion of investor’s money. The company sees its success from the creator’s rigorous applications for quantitative trade methods and use of technology. In the past ten years, the hedge fund corporation has made returns and employed 15 separate strategies. Net worth and ranking At 47, Kenneth Griffin is ranked among the top rich people in Forbes Magazine. As at 2015th April, the hedge fund boss was estimated to be $7billion, with his wealth estimated to be self-made and from the hedge funds. In the Forbes magazine stop 100 richest people, he ranked number 69. Today, his hedge fund firm continues to do well. The hedge firm posted a 13% return range on the net fees, for the first eight months in 2015. The company, though faced a lot of turmoil in the market that reduced its returns, still stands out among the top world known hedge fund firms in the America. In 2014, after much-publicized market turmoil, Kenneth Griffin rebuilt his Citadel hedge fund firm that showed signs of collapse as a result of financial crisis. Today, it manages more than $26 billion. By 2016, Griffin might just conduct an initial public offering, an idea endorsed by the CEO in 2014.

“Pop-Up Exhibition” A Sender Success

The Senders completed their first “pop-up exhibition” in one of their homes in Miami Beach. Their exhibit was completed during the same time as the Art Basel Miami Beach was taking place. They are quite happy with the results of the first staging of their exhibit and hopefully will do more of the same, they apparently like the idea and technique of the “pop-up exhibition”. Adam and Lenore are planning to sell this first exhibit home soon, but thought it would be fun to use as a test property.

Their exhibition consisted of 70 pieces of art from over 1000 in Sender’s collection. The value of the Sender collection estimated to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 million. Some of the pieces of art in Adam Sender’s collection are items with nostalgic memories attached that connect him to specific pieces bringing back memories of youthful years. He states that he has purchased specific items because of their connection to life experiences and memories of the past. It is wonderful feeling a connection to specific works of art that draw personal experiences to the surface each time you are around the items.

The Senders are a long way from their Hedge Fund days and not looking back. Their investment in art is clearly made from passion and investment. Feeling a connection to the piece of art is like reliving a wonderful life experience.

The sale at Sotheby’s is still moving along, and the items being sold over a period of about a year should give Adam a return on his investment, just as he planned. Sender says that he doesn’t select unknown artists, but waits for a particular artist to begin to receive recognition for their talent from the critics in the art arena before adding an artist to his collection. For now, the Sender’s would rather continue doing “pop-up exhibitions” as they’re fun. No permanent plans for other activities at this time.

After moving from New York City to their home in Miami Beach, spending time enjoying their art, settling into a slower, calmer lifestyle looks good to Adam and Lenore.

“Home Alone” was curated by Sarah Aibel, the Sender curator. Aibel selected such art pieces as Richard Price, Cindy Sherman, Chris Ofili, and Rashid Johnson. It saddens Adam that so much of his art collection has been hidden and unable to be exhibited and enjoyed due to the size of the collection.

Exhibiting and enjoying the art pieces the Adam and Lenore now have has been exciting and fun for the couple not only to exhibit some of their collection, but to enjoy many of the pieces they haven’t be able to view and reflect upon for a long time.

Navigating the Tech-Driven Change to the New York Residential Landscape

New, fast paced tech opportunities in NYC real estate are changing the traditional urban landscape. Prices are climbing higher, while new vision brings new development to old neighborhoods, according to Aron Susman’s recent article on Huffington Post. As a result from this rapid expansion of the tech industry in New York, “hot” new neighborhoods undergo rapid changes to meet the needs of newly arriving tech sector employees. Adding to the demand for housing for young affluent workers is the demand for unique and progressive office spaces.

New industries competing for scenic and convenient office spaces drive prices higher and higher, while increasing demand has led to dwindling supply. The tech industry itself now accounts for nearly 20% of leasing activity in 2014. Meanwhile, many companies are no longer satisfied with traditional office spaces comprised of cubicles, and desire customized, avant-garde office spaces. As old industries falter or slow, technology businesses have transformed formerly industrial neighborhoods into new roles, bringing the businesses that cater to the needs of these new demographics as well. Meanwhile, a surge in technology employment has led to a surge in technology employees, bringing new demand for luxurious housing to the area.

Meeting this new demand is TOWN Residential, a fashionable real estate firm specializing in beautiful luxury properties in neighborhoods like Union Square, Chelsea, and West Village. TOWN Residential has properties for rent as well as for sale. This year, TOWN Residential established TOWN Commercial, offering offices and retail spaces. Staffed with a team of some of the best real estate brokers in New York, and considered one of the best places to work in New York City, TOWN is well suited to handle the demands of the tech industry.

Residential properties include beautiful studios and multi-bedroom apartments for sale as well as for lease in desirable neighborhoods. These properties are perfect for busy tech industry workers who need a place to call their own. TOWN Commercial properties include forward-thinking and next generation offices to support tech industry growth, as well as interesting retail spaces meeting a new clientele.

Hot Trends For Men’s Footwear This Fall

Last season’s hot italian shoes trend involved shoes for men to slide their feet into. From the essential white low-top court sneaker to the clunky mandal with the lug soles, there was a footwear style for virtually every consumer. This season, of course, the focus switches from mere fashion to actual functionality as the weather changes and footwear serves a greater purpose, in addition to office dress going from summer casual to more winter formal.

This season in addition to classic offerings such as boots and dress styles, there are a few unexpected twists, like laceless brogues or, for the more fashion daring, a continuation of the mandal trend styled with fuzzy socks. If that’s a little too daring for you, however, this season is also ushering in a hot new trend that’s a little more office-friendly: the bowling shoe. There are a number of different takes on the traditional bi-colored shoe being offered by a number of different designers, but the trend is definitely taking off this season.

If you are slightly more of a traditionalist, however, there are a number of shoes that are holding steady for 2015. The medium brown oxford is still a hugely versatile option, but one new twist is rubber soles rendered to look like classic leather soles. New updates mean they are only getting better in terms of comfort and versatility while still keeping their classic style. The basic derby is also a classic but simple shoe that is still holding steady in terms of fashion and style.

On the more casual end of classic is the plimsoll, the leather sneaker and the refined desert boot. A plimsoll is a casual canvas or suede shoe with a thin rubber sole, sort of like a grown up pair of Vans. Also in the league of grown up Vans is the high end leather sneaker. Due to the increasing acceptability of high-end sneakers for both business and casual environments, there are a dizzying assortment to choose from by almost all major designers. The desert boot has also gotten a fresh new makeover that takes a classic look and gives it a more modern twist.

Whatever your taste or style, however, this season’s italian shoes offerings from Paul Evans run the gamut from the most modern to the most traditional. They offer everything from handcrafted Italian leather semi-brogue Oxfords to more casual but classic blue suede penny loafers to the most modern high top sneakers. They also offer a number of boots ranging from the classic Chukka boot to the more modern and stylish chelsea boot with elastic side bands for comfort, ease and convenience. Whatever your taste or style, you can find an excellent selection of fine crafted, high end shoes at Paul Evans.

The Success of Bruce Levenson

One of the most influential entrepreneurs and businessmen in the United States is a man known as Bruce Levenson. What makes Bruce Levenson such an influential individual is the fact that Mr. Levenson sticks to traditional values and has always honored his family’s roots and has kept his roots in consideration for all transactions that Mr. Levenson has every made with clients. Bruce Levenson’s success started at an early age when Mr. Levenson went off to the prestigious University of Washington University.

Before going off to University, Mr. Levenson began his life, specifically, his birth, in Northern Virginia. Mr. Levenson grew up in an area in Maryland known as Chevy Chase. Mr. Levenson, at an early age, was taught to stick to traditional family values. Growing up in a Jewish family has greatly influenced Bruce Levenson in every decision that he has made.

After graduating from Washington University in Illinois, Mr. Levenson moved back to Washington D.C., where he earned a law degree at American University. With this law degree, Mr. Levenson utilized it to co-found a company in which he is currently very much involved in. This company is called the United Communications Group and was a company that was founded by Bruce Levenson and his partner who is Ed Peskowitz. The company started out in the the apartment of Bruce Levenson by printing out weekly newspapers for the public. The newspapers varied in topics, yet touched mostly upon the topic of the oil company. With the oil industry booming at this time in the United States, these newsletters became vastly popular among the community.

After the company had made some headway, the United Communications Group began using more newsletters from many other different companies. These newsletters touched base on other topics such as technology, communication, healthcare, the media, and many other hot topics.

Mr. Levenson’s most notable accomplishment is that Mr. Levenson was the former co-owner and the team manager for Atlanta Hawks. Mr. Levenson’s role among the NBA team members was not only as an investor but also as a manager who wanted to be involved with the lives of the team members as a role model. Mr. Levenson even took his team to visit Northern Virginia to visit to Holocaust Museum. This field trip was made for the purpose of teaching his team perspective. Mr. Levenson even brought along his mother in-law who is a concentration camp survivor.

Mr. Levenson’s Jewish roots continue to influence his decisions. Mr. Levenson’s family values are what encourage him to constantly give back and to support the community. One example Mr. Levenson’s support is how constantly donates and volunteers for an organization that has been dubbed the foundation of pursing education. This foundation is dedicated to help children who come from families that cannot support education, to pursue a high level of education with assistance. In addition to this, Mr. Levenson is a constant visitor at several of the famous Museums in Washington D.C. Mr Levenson even sometimes trains the tour guides on how to give the most informative tours.

Handy Cleaning Services: Just Like Grandma Said

My grandmother always told us that if we do the most dreaded chore first, then whatever else had to be done would not seem as tough. A lot of people feel like their most dreaded task is cleaning the house. Whether you live alone or have a partner, children, and pets running around, there is a method to the madness. It is possible to clean your home in a reasonable amount of time so you can enjoy other things.

With any task, house cleaning is easier when you make a schedule and are faithful to it. A cleaning schedule keeps things from piling up and becoming unmanageable. It is good to sit down and figure out your family’s routine and when the best time to clean would be. For some people, it may be best to clean in the mornings when everyone is in school or at work. Others may prefer the evening time after the family has turned in for the night. It may also be necessary to block out certain times of the day for cleaning marathons. Whichever is best, a solid schedule helps with the tasks.

If you are a mechanic, you know that having the right tools is the only way a vehicle is going to be fixed. Likewise, you need proper tools to keep your house looking its best. Quality does not mean you have to bust the bank. It just means to buy the best tools you can afford for durability and efficiency. It is also recommended that you keep all your cleaning supplies in a central place for convenience. You may also want to purchase a little caddy to take supplies as you clean different rooms.

Efficient house cleaning is not the best time for multi-tasking. If you are watching television, chatting on the phone or doing computer work, it is easy to get distracted from your task. One of the best motivations is playing your favorite music while you are going about your work. Remember, Donna Reed was on a television set when she was cleaning in heels and pearls. In real life, a nice comfortable outfit or even pajamas make the perfect outfit for cleaning.

Remember when your mother told you to clean from top to bottom? Doing things in a logical order insures that the job is done efficiently. It is also smart to focus one job at a time so you do not get distracted. Everything in your path gets clean before moving on to the next room. You will be surprised how quickly you can get the job done.

There are some times when our schedules prevent us from regular house cleaning duties. Fortunately, Handy Home Cleaning Services is available at the touch of your smartphone. They subcontract only the best cleaners with experience and impeccable background checks. Customers can download their free app to set up an account. When customers need service, all they have to do is to schedule it through the app and Handy will take care of the rest. When you get home, you will find a sparkling clean home that will make you proud.

The Impressive Skills Of Michael Jackson Impersonator Sergio Cortes

The late Michael Jackson was one of the world’s most beloved entertainers. Jackson was renowned for his musical skills as well as his skills on the dancing floor. His work led him to have millions of fans who much admired his amazing moves as well as his ability to compose and sing wonderful songs with catchy tunes. Since his death, many people have continued to listen to his songs and continued to admire his old videos where his skills can be seen clearly. His fans continue to adore his work even after his passing. Many have found that they can also listen to work of Michael Jackson impersonators who keep his work alive in the public mind.

Someone who has done much to help keep Jackson’s memory alive is impersonator Sergio Cortes. Cortes is one of Michael Jackson’s biggest fans. He knows exactly how people all over the world admire Jackson. He also loves and adores Jackson as well. His work as an impersonator has focused on helping keep alive the memory of Jackson and his unique ability to please an audience. Cortes loved Jackson’s amazing music and his incredible dance moves. This led him to a career helping people also appreciate just how special Jackson was when he was alive.

A native of Spain, Jackson has spent the last few years of his life helping to perfect his own ability to perfectly imitate Jackson’s songs and his dance moves. His skills have led him to a career of his own as one of the world’s most admired Michael Jackson impersonators. He has worked hard to figure out exactly how Jackson was able to move so well and worked even harder to do the exact same movements that were a hallmark of the late Mr. Jackson’s much loved unique dance style.

Cortes has performed in front of very happy audiences across the globe who love to watch his accurate impersonation of Jackson. His shows are like watching Jackson in person as man fans have discovered. The chance to be able to see Jackson come alive again is one that people truly appreciate. Many come to his shows in order to be able to remember happily exactly how Jackson sung and danced. Cortes prides himself on his ability to give his audiences an extremely enjoyable show, one that helps them keeps their wonderful memories of his life and work truly alive.